Our Family of Companies

The Langdon Group, Inc.

In 1997, J-U-B formed The Langdon Group, Inc. (TLG), to provide our engineering clients with the much-needed service of managing public involvement and conflict resolution.

The Langdon Group

TLG is a team of specialists in mediation, facilitation, public involvement, alternative dispute resolution, and strategic communications. TLG’s diverse backgrounds in public policy, environmental conflict resolution, natural resources and organizational development prepare us to help communities and clients resolve some of the toughest challenges they face today.

All of TLG’s project managers are trained as mediators. This deep knowledge in interest-based negotiation informs the specifics of the services TLG provides. If we are performing a situational assessment, cultural audit, public involvement process, or utilizing the latest in social media and web-based technology, at our core we are looking to identify interests and meet the spectrum of needs that each individual or community demands.

Our facilitators use proven skills in helping leaders and groups experience effective and productive dialogue through collaboration—whether in a public meeting, workshop, or planning session. Our facilitators help leaders and groups clearly identify purpose, allowing for the desired results and the decision-making process to prevail. We then combine flexibility with a clear agenda to work through processes that encourage collaboration and participation from all attendees, and stay true to the desired outcome.

TLG’s approach is to engage stakeholders in a manner that is interest-based, collaborative, objective-driven and problem solving oriented. We believe that by engaging stakeholders as an impartial neutral party, we can develop a partnership and project support. By working with stakeholders in a continuous and meaningful way we are able to reduce uncertainty, effectively capture and identify stakeholder goals and objectives, promote participation in the process, build community consensus, and improve communication and understanding among decision makers, community residents, local businesses, and other stakeholders. In addition to our interpersonal communication skills, we have a team of graphic specialists on-hand to aid in all forms of visual, online, video, and print communication.

TLG has the capacity to meet the staffing demands of large urban projects while bringing hands-on experience and sensitivity to smaller rural projects. Our team is intimately familiar with the geographic and cultural diversity that exists in the different communities we work in.