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Career Development

Developing your career is an investment in both you and in the future of our company. We make the decision to hire based on your potential desire to succeed, and we help to achieve that potential by guiding you toward experiences, knowledge, and resources that build and strengthen your skills.

Our managers partner and mentor employees to help identify the tools needed to help them grow professionally through on-the-job experiences, your co-workers, and educational opportunities. J-U-B provides various ways to help you learn and maximize professional growth and performance, such as: mentoring, coaching, student internships, formal and informal training, continuing education, and tuition reimbursement.

We offer employees a comfortable work environment and flexible work arrangements so they can grow professionally, enjoy their work, and balance their personal and professional needs.

As a leader in the industry, we work hard to enable talent and provide skill development and expertise throughout an employee’s career. Our mentoring and performance coaching program ensures ongoing communication, evaluation, and encouragement to keep employees at their professional best. Our programs help develop technical expertise, leadership abilities, and better service to the clients and communities we serve.