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Ahmad Salah Speaks at a UCLA Seminar

Ahmad Salah, Ph.D., M.B.A., P.E., GISP, C.F.M., of the Orem office, recently spoke to civil engineering and environmental science faculty and graduate students at UCLA .

The seminar explored the various ways civil engineers and environmental scientists use both GIS and remote sensing, better referred to as geospatial technologies. With the advent in hardware and software tools, engineers and scientists can use these technologies to save time and answer many questions effectively and efficiently on their day-to-day tasks. These technologies are well embedded in the four phases of most, if not all, projects. Students and faculty learned about how pretty maps and satellites are used in planning, design, construction as well as operation and maintenance of the infrastructure all around us!

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Did you know?

Ahmad has 25 years of experience in engineering applications of GIS, remote sensing, and CAD. His experience includes 23 years of water resources engineering, hydrological, and hydraulic modeling studies. He was a member of the software development team of the Watershed Modeling System (WMS); a GIS interface for hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality 1D and 2D models. Ahmad has developed a number of award winning GIS applications and tools and has been hired by the United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization as an international GIS and remote sensing expert. With his programming experience and extensive experience in desktop, mobile, and web GIS tools and geodatabase design, Ahmad brings value to the team by providing insight on time-savings, quality control, and state-of-the-art tools to help clients on a day-to-day work tasks. Ahmad is also a peer reviewer of a member of scientific journals and a book reviewer for the American Water Resources Association. He was also a member of the Utah GIS Board and applicant review committee for GISP certification. He is affiliated with a number of professional organizations and has received numerous peer-reviewed awards.