Angie Comstock, PE – 2021 WTS Woman of the Year

Please join us in congratulating Angie Comstock, PE, of J-U-B’s Coeur d’Alene office, who was recently honored with the 2021 WTS Woman of the Year Award.

WTS “Woman of the Year” recognizes a woman who is an outstanding role model in the transportation industry AND who has contributed to the advancement of women and minorities in transportation. WTS is an international organization dedicated to shaping the future of transportation for the public good through the global advancement of women.

Six years ago, Angie changed her career path from being a successful Geotechnical Engineer to learning and becoming a Transportation Engineer. In 2020, Angie was promoted to a new J-U-B Transportation Services Group position as the Regional Lead for Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

While in the inaugural leadership group, defining and developing the new leadership role and reorganizing staff from five offices, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She hit pause on work for a few months to take care of herself and fight cancer. She then returned to work and, within a few weeks, was back up to full speed, taking charge and leading the group, and participating in the corporate reorganization. She did all this while still raising a family, being a highly effective project and client manager, staying positive, and having positivity left over for her staff.

“Angie promotes and mentors other women in transportation engineering in our offices and promotes opportunities for women engineering internships. She is always mentoring our younger professional engineers and finding opportunities for growth and success. She recently helped a female staff member redirect her time towards her desired field of traffic engineering. This has helped this person grow, become more connected at a corporate level, and be recognized for her strengths and skills as a traffic engineer,” says Jay Hassell, Assistant Area Manager of the Coeur d’Alene office. “Angie is a key part of J-U-B, taking transportation client services and relationships in the region to the next level,” he concludes.

Angie says that “the culture I experienced at J-U-B helped me realize who I am in my career and has much to do with the mentors and coaches surrounding me. To that end, I feel that an inherent barrier exists for those who cannot see themselves in their coaches or leaders and therefore cannot envision themselves succeeding in the same capacity. As a woman leader at J-U-B, I am proud to contribute to creating a broader picture of what leadership looks like and to be a mentor and coach. I am honored to be recognized with this award.”