Breckenridge, CO – South Park Ave (SH-9) & Four O’clock Road Roundabout

Work on this joint project between CDOT and the Town of Breckenridge began in 2010 when J-U-B prepared a level of service feasibility study.  The study compared both a single lane roundabout and a conventional signalized  intersection.

Once the roundabout was selected as the preferred intersection, J-U-B began design in late 2012 and completed design in 2014. The design included a single lane roundabout while considering storm drain locations, major fiber optic lines, gas regulation station relocation, Right of Way, bike and pedestrian traffic and construction traffic control. Landscape and lighting (street & pedestrian) plans were included in the final construction plan set. The Town of Breckenridge acquired the required ROW and easements for this project during 2015 and 2016. The roundabout was constructed in 2017. The contractor had 2.5 months to build the roundabout in order for the roadway to be reopened for the town’s 4th of July festivities.