Christina McCullock Earns GISP | J-U-B Engineers, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that Christina McCullock, a member of the Gateway Mapping Team in our Orem Office, has earned her GISP certification. GISP stands for Geographic Information Systems Professional and is the nationally recognized certification standard for GIS professionals. To earn a GISP, GIS professionals must fulfill a rigorous set of requirements that include several years of experience working in a GIS role, educational requirements, contributions to the GIS industry and community, and an exam. This process is not easy and takes significant time and dedication to complete. It is a great accomplishment for Christina!

Christina has been a part of the Gateway Mapping team since 2013, serving first as a GIS analyst, then a senior GIS analyst, and is currently GMI’s Geospatial Services Director. Christina is a master problem solver and is dedicated to taking care of the GIS needs of our clients. Christina has experience working on a wide range of GIS projects with various groups across the company, and she currently is the administrator of GMI and J-U-B’s ArcGIS Online accounts. Nationwide, GISP certification is increasingly becoming a requirement on projects involving GIS work, and by reaching this milestone Christina has further strengthened the GMI/J-U-B team. Congratulations Christina!

“I am so very proud of Christina! The hard work she put in to accomplish earning her GISP
exemplifies her dedication to everything she does for Gateway Mapping. I am excited for her and am looking forward to the good things she will continue to do for GMI and J-U-B. Great work Christina!”

– Kasey Hansen

GM, Gateway Mapping, Inc.