Innovation Initiative – Alive and Well at J-U-B

To continue our Innovation Initiative focus, J-U-B is excited to announce the appointment of Kasey Hansen as the Director of Innovation. Kasey is no stranger to technology and innovation. During his work as the Group Leader for Gateway Mapping Inc., he has applied many innovative ideas and technological approaches to improve the client interaction experience and efficiently use geospatial data to educate and guide clients to make important decisions in day-to-day operations.

Kasey will spend a dedicated portion of his time focused on innovation efforts while continuing to serve as the Group Leader for Gateway Mapping Inc. As Kasey spends time on innovation, members of the GMI team will take on additional responsibility, providing growth opportunities for all involved. As innovation continues to improve our processes across J-U-B, other opportunities for growth will develop for employees across all aspects of our company. Congratulations, Kasey!