J-U-B Earns an “A” for COVID 19 Response

J-U-B recently surveyed our employees and asked, “Are you satisfied with the way that J-U-B has handled the COVID-19 crisis?” Here are some of the comments.

What’s Going Well?

  • Of the 265 employees who responded, we are pleased to report that 96 percent of J-U-B employees approve of J-U-B’s handling of the COVID 19 crisis.

Some of the positive comments:

▶ “Excellent job and very proactive.”

▶ “I have been grateful to work with very little disruption.”         

▶ “I feel safer in the office than I do on my own.”        

▶ “J-U-B has been exceptional with COVID-19. I really appreciate the flexibility they have allowed us during this uncertain time on staying home if we feel uncomfortable coming into the office, and also having the option for people to come in who just do better in the office setting.”

A triple-helping of kudos to our HR Team and our IT Team for doing the super-heavy lifting to make us “safe and productive” through this crisis.

“Our Team, all our employees, have done a tremendous job in being both safe and productive at work and/or at home. We are by no means out of the woods, so your continued attention and self-awareness of safety are greatly appreciated. It’s the fourth quarter…stay focused and let’s get through this!” –Tim Haener, President/CEO