J-U-B Employees Give Back During the COVID-19 Crisis

In response to the increased needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and its social and economic effects, many of our employees have shown what it really means to live up to J-U-B’s purpose of “helping each other create better communities.” Small acts of service within our own homes, offices, and communities have been inspiring. Thank you to all who are helping in your own way!

Masks, masks, and more masks (and gowns!)

Many of J-U-B’s employees have been busy making masks! Communities throughout the country have issued the call for help, and you have answered! Kellie Borholthaus (Boise-Corporate) rose to the challenge to provide masks to our Colorado offices, which were required for them to keep working. She also made hospital masks for St. Alphonsus in the Boise area. Diane Zipperer (Coeur d’Alene Office) has sewn face masks for the Spokane Fire Department. There are many more that we didn’t mention. Thanks to all!

J-U-B spouses also contribute. “My wife is making Isolation Gowns for the doctors and nurses at Renown. The gowns are used to cover the doctor’s clothing when they go into a quarantine area. She makes the Gowns then delivers them to a person at a central location away from the hospital. After sterilization, the gowns are distributed to the appropriate medical workers.” —Dan L. Dyer (Reno Office)

About those masks…they can be super uncomfortable. Ear savers to the rescue!

“A friend of mine works in health care and requested devices to be worn with masks that reduce strain on the ears and make masks a little more comfortable to wear. I teamed up with a buddy of mine, and with our 3D printers, we produced about 70 of these “ear savers”. Pretty minor, but hopefully it’s making things a little easier for health care workers in Reno.”Jeff A. Weagel (Reno Office)

Thanks also to Janeth Lopez (Twin Falls office) for making ear savers for nurses in her community.

Donations, donations, and more donations!

Many employees and J-U-B offices have donated money and groceries to others.  Without naming them individually, it goes without saying that our employees are very generous.

“We gave our UPS and FedEx driver’s Gift Certificates to South Creek Pizza to thank them for providing such a valuable service in these tough times. Plus we’ve been send-ing homemade cookies and masks to friends and family. I provide quality control on the cookies!”Ben W. Volk (Reno Office)

“We have had the opportunity to donate to our food bank and donate weekly milk from our local dairy.” —Jeff Temple (Fort Collins)

The community giving committee in the Orem office organized a food drive in response to the increased needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and its social and economic effects. They collected and dropped off 200 lbs. of food and other items to the Food and Care Coalition. The Orem office also organized a virtual food drive to benefit the Utah Food Bank. All of the Utah offices were invited to participate.

Mentoring at home and in the community!

Whether mentoring and teaching their own children or mentoring others in the community, J-U-B employees have risen to the occasion! Angie Comstock and Riannon Zender, both from the Coeur d’Alene office, have switched their Soroptimist club meetings to Zoom, which they host. The organization helps give girls the connections and support they need to enter into awesome careers.

Many J-U-B employees are taking on the role of “teacher” with schools across the country being closed. “I have to say my part in giving is learning to “teach” along with my grandsons 4 teachers and attempting to give him the time/service that he deserves that he is no longer getting at school! I am so thankful for J-U-B and their understanding of this issue for us parents that now have become teachers in a “NEW WAY”. I’m also so thankful for ZOOM and all the teacher’s efforts to keep in touch and guide us during this abnormal time.”Deb Erdman (Kennewick Office)

Leslie & Kellie Boise) show off their homemade masks

Jeana, Brittany, John, and Allyson (Orem Office) keeping their distance while loading donated supplies.