J-U-B Leads Development of ASCE Utah Infrastructure Report Card

J-U-B’s very own Craig Friant has been leading the development of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Utah Infrastructure Report Card. He kicked off the report card in November 2019 with his committee of over 30 engineers. The committee included retired engineers, university professors, working professional engineers, Engineers-in-Training, and engineering students from Brigham Young University. The committee was trained by ASCE staff and worked for the last year to do research, interview government agencies, write the detailed chapters of the report card, grades, coordinate with the ASCE Committee on America’s Infrastructure, and finalize the report card. The ASCE Utah Section hosted a media release on December 16, 2020, and Craig presented the grades to the media. The media release can be found HERE on YouTube. Nine media outlets covered the report card release, one of the largest media coverages for an ASCE State Report Card in 2020.

J-U-B was represented well on the report card committee. Erica Zaugg, Helam Hernandez, Joey Laprevote, and Sean Black led the research and writing for the infrastructure chapters on Transit and Bridges. ACEC also supported the development of the report card. Michael Lasko represented ACEC and worked with the ASCE report card committee to facilitate reviews and communicate with the Legislature and Governor’s office.

The ASCE Utah Infrastructure Report Card is a significant step in helping us make our communities better. As engineers, we have a responsibility to provide input and recommendations to our elected officials and policymakers to help protect and advance the health, safety, and welfare of the public through the practice of Civil Engineering. Please use the Utah Infrastructure Report Card to start a conversation with our clients about Utah’s infrastructure and how we can help them make our communities better. The full report card will be available HERE after January 11, 2021. Check it out.