J-U-B and Bockholt Landscape Architecture Inter-Company Agreement

Seth Bockholt, sole owner of Bockholt, Inc., a landscape architecture firm in Park City, has accepted a position with J-U-B Engineers as Group Leader for the  Landscape Architecture Group. Current Group Leader, Greg Graves, has led the practice at J-U-B since June 2007. Greg will be retiring in June of 2021. Prior to that, the leadership of the group will transition to Seth, who will lead the landscape architecture practice companywide from offices in Kaysville and Salt Lake City.

J-U-B’s arrangement with Seth includes an inter-company agreement whereby Bockholt, Inc. will continue to market and secure its traditional “high-end residential” landscape design work, which will be performed exclusively by J-U-B using Seth and the team. Otherwise, Seth’s main focus is to build the J-U-B Landscape Architecture Group for its traditional public works clientele throughout J-U-B.


For a look at Bockholt’s work, check out his website. https://bockholtlandscapearchitecture.com/

Thank you, Greg Graves

“Greg has put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into developing the Landscape Architect Group over the years. He’s done a fine job and is leaving us in a great position as he moves toward retirement. He should feel proud of what he’s accomplished. J-U-B has benefited greatly from his hard work. Thanks, Greg!”  –Brian Deeter, PE, AM Kaysville

Greg has over 32 years of experience as a professional landscape architect and planner and has lead the Landscape Architecture Group since 2007. He will be greatly missed when he retires next June.

Greg’s experience includes both public and private work throughout the western U.S. He has provided complete design and project management services for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects of all sizes. His expertise runs the complete gamut of project development, from concept development and master planning to site design, construction documents (including layout, grading, and drainage, construction detailing, irrigation, planting, and presentation graphics. Mr. Graves specializes in recreation planning, park and trail design, and irrigation and planting design.