Client Success is Our Success

In addition to frequent project-specific feedback gathered by project managers and other team members, our Executive Committee conducts a more formal feedback process. This consists of in-person interviews with key clients—as recommended by our area managers and group leaders.

We are thrilled to report that based on the 70 in-person client feedback interviews conducted by the executive team in 2019 that…

  • 97.2% would be willing to recommend us to their peers!
  • Only about 1 in 5 clients had any feedback that required follow-up. Stellar!
  • 100% of those follow-ups were concluded within 60 days to the satisfaction of the client.

This is a testament to our Team’s commitment to service and, “Helping each other create better communities.”

“Client feedbacks have been an integral part to understanding how we are doing and how our clients perceive us. Having over 97% of them say they would recommend us to their peers is an outstanding accomplishment.”
Troy Green, PE, Executive VP