J-U-B Supports the University of Idaho with the “J-U-B Undergraduate Teaching Lab”

We are thrilled to announce the newly renovated “J-U-B Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory” was dedicated on April 28, 2022, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony held in conjunction with the annual Engineering EXPO events on the U of I campus in Moscow, ID. This lab will be a focal point for student activity, which will help the College to recruit students while providing great exposure for J-U-B. The lab was made a reality through J-U-B’s contribution to the project, which was then generously matched by Tim and Chris Haener, enabling the completion of the project and the naming opportunity in J-U-B’s honor.

The lab, which is already getting a lot of foot traffic, is located on the first floor of the BEL Civil Engineering Building. It will house four separate undergraduate classes with lab elements. It will also serve as a HUB for student activities and groups. The space boasts new modular laboratory tables and seating, a state-of-the-art remote audio/video system for high-tech and remote learning, and new lab equipment.

The mural inside the lab depicting J-U-B “Helping Each other Create Better Communities” was designed and executed by two Civil Engineering Undergrads, Madelynn Gregoire, and Anna Young, with painting help from Philip Lohman.

Fritz Fiedler, P.E., Ph.D., Chair of the UI Civil and Environmental Engineering, said, “The J-U-B Teaching Laboratory is an important addition to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. It will allow us to better provide hands-on education to the next generation of Civil Engineers and continues a long tradition of J-U-B supporting the department in many ways.”

The University of Idaho is the alma mater of many J-U-B employees and is also one of the most recruited schools for J-U-B’s top-tier talent. Our employees are members of advisory boards and mentor capstone project teams constantly to develop our industry, help individuals achieve their aspirations, and give back to the University for what it provided them. Our investment at U of I will benefit thousands of students in the future and continue to sustain our industry and company with great employees for decades to come.

Thanks, U of I, for the opportunity to give back. GO, VANDALS!

“Tim and Chris Haener’s incredible generosity and
dedicated support to higher education was wonderful to
celebrate with the unveiling of the “J-U-B Undergraduate
Teaching Lab.” J-U-B is so very proud to partner with them
on this outstanding addition to the University of Idaho’s
civil engineering department! This space, previously
nothing more than storage for used material samples and
equipment is now a modern learning environment that will
benefit civil engineering students at U of I for years to
come. One more shining example of how we truly are
helping each other to improve our communities and train
the next generation of civil engineers!” -Brian Smith
Executive Vice President, J-U-B