J-U-B Twin Falls Selected on Magic Valley Regional Airport Project!

J-U-B’s Twin Falls office has received approval to move forward on the design, bidding, and construction engineering at the Magic Valley Regional Airport.

The project includes relocating light and sign panels and rehabilitating 4,500 feet of Taxiway “Alpha” (“A”), which is showing signs of weathering, oxidation, and block cracking.

Taxiway “A” runs parallel to the primary, high-use Runway 26. To comply with recently- changed FAA design standards, the taxiway will be reduced from 75 feet to 50 feet. A total of 2,400 linear feet of mill overlay will be used to renovate the taxiway surface, an edge drain system will be installed on the north side of the taxiway, and additional drainage structures will update a 60-year-old drainage system.

Approximately 2,000 linear feet of Taxiway “A” will be realigned and adjusted to the north. This significant effort consists of large earth-moving operations, installing new electrical conduit and drainage pipes, spreading 24 inches of gravel and asphalt, and installing lights and signs.

J-U-B will also assist the airport in purchasing a new 1,500-gallon tank Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle.

The reconstruction is scheduled to begin August 2017 and the ARFF vehicle purchase will be completed by November 2017.