J-U-B Values our Young Professionals

J-U-B’s Young Professionals (YP for short) consist of those in their professional careers for less than ten years. Currently, we have just over 100 YPs at J-U-B. They are awesome and the future of the firm!

An in-person YP conclave was scheduled for early May but, alas, it got canceled due to COVID 19. As an alternative means to begin some YP engagement, we broke the entire YP group into six smaller YP Teams to discuss and address one specific “topic of concern.”

Facilitated in Zoom by Siobhan Locke (The Langdon Group) each Team discussed one of a variety of topics. Each group then prepared a document summarizing concerns and ideas for possible implementation.

J-U-B’s Board of Directors reviewed all six memos at their June 2020 meeting and discussed  “action items” to implement over time.

“The YP Teams did a tremendous job in their review of many relevant topics and came up with some fantastic recommendations. Based on the care and creativity shown by our YPs, the future of J-U-B is in very good hands.”

-Tim Haener, PE, President, CEO