National CAD Day – August 2, 2022

We are celebrating National CAD Day on August 2nd. It is a day to celebrate everything that computer-aided design (CAD) has made possible. What are you doing in your office to recognize J-U-B’s many CAD professionals?

J-U-B Has Come A Long Way

J-U-B has come a long way since the early days of Manual Drafting, starting with the introduction of AutoCAD version 9 in 1989. What started out as drawing lines and text with a puck mouse and digitizer tablet has evolved into Autodesk Civil 3D, Bentley OpenRoads Designer, and others utilizing 3D models to create dynamic data for plans and construction.

J-U-B’s CAD Team is currently testing and prepping for the next Civil 3D release (Civil 3D 2023) to be implemented by the end of the year. Our CAD Team continues to work on innovative ways to stay up to date on the latest version of CAD software while supporting our 250-plus CAD Users.

Our CAD Professionals do a great job of supporting each unique project within J-U-B while trying to maintain a standard look and
feel to our plan sets, which is not an easy task. It’s great to have a day set aside which celebrates this profession.

Check out this vintage newsletter about drafting from J-U-B in 1978