New Transportation Services Group | J-U-B Engineers, Inc.

For over five decades, J-U-B Engineers, Inc. (J-U-B) has provided our clients with surface transportation project support. Starting in our early days with roadway design services, our practice has grown to include the full project life cycle from planning through construction management. Over the past 20+ years, J-U-B has expanded our surface transportation practice to include projects for public and private clients in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. During those years, J-U-B maintained smaller groups of transportation professionals generally functioning independently in each of the states where we had a presence. This business model allowed localized success in meeting our client needs. However, J-U-B leadership recognized we could meet our clients’ needs more completely and efficiently with an adjustment to our historic business model. Effective January 1, 2021, J-U-B implemented the Transportation Services Group (TSG). All of the full-time surface transportation resources within J-U-B are now part of the same operational group that serves our practice across our entire geographic footprint.

Why the TSG?

This change was implemented for many reasons, foremost to provide our clients the full expertise, capability, and capacity of J-U-B regardless of the project location. As importantly, to provide our employees with an opportunity for increased exposure to new clients, projects, challenges, and processes which allow them to grow and become more proficient in their profession.

The TSG is now a combined group of nearly 60 transportation professionals working to seamlessly support projects in our clients’ best interest regardless of the project location. This combination of resources into one group allows us to be more flexible, increases our capacity, and ensures we provide the best team for the specific project and client need.

The TSG is positioned to help our clients succeed in developing all types of surface transportation projects from larger federal aid to smaller local agency…..everything from Interstate interchanges to local bike paths…..the TSG is the perfect size and combination of resources to meet local needs while bringing the combined resources to meet the needs of larger projects as well. This transition to a combined surface transportation group at J-U-B is an exciting time for our staff. We are anxious to provide our clients with increased capability and capacity as a result.