J-U-B is rolling out a  “mini-campaign” that emphasizes Our Purpose as a company: Helping each other create better communities. Our Purpose will help facilitate an emotional connection to J-U-B for both our employees and our clients by using the words “helping each other create better communities” in various ways.

Social Media

Did you know that J-U-B is represented on several different social media platforms? For the past several months we have been working on creating content and sharing what is great about J-U-B, specifically as it relates to J-U-B’s purpose of “helping each other create better communities.”  Help us spread the word. Follow us, like us, share us! Click the icons below:


Pandemic Recruitment Video

We have created a video highlighting how J-U-B has taken care of employees throughout the pandemic. Check it out on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to all of the employees who participated and especially to Rachel Lawrence for putting the video together.

Stay tuned for more videos later this month, and throughout the year as we work to add content to the channel.