Utah Construction Services Group Leader Announced

Adams Hales, P.E. has been selected to lead the Utah Construction Services Group. Adam joined J-U-B in 2005 and has been providing solid engineering and construction observation as part of the Construction Services Group. Adam has been around construction his entire life and started his career supervising crews working for his contracting and construction material business before becoming an engineer. This prior experience has enhanced his ability to partner with the contractor, proactively resolve field issues, and maximize quality on the projects he oversees.

Adam will manage, coordinate, and plan work for the Utah Construction Services Group, as well as make sure everyone is up-to-date on required training. Adam also leads the group in pursuing new construction management projects that are not J-U-B designed, including for UDOT and other clients. He is the Project Manager on several UDOT projects across several regions and has been instrumental in putting together and winning major projects.