GIS Mapping and Asset Management
Bountiful Power Smart Network System | Bountiful, Utah
Bountiful, UT

Gateway Mapping recently helped Bountiful Power transition to an advanced Smart Network System. Bountiful Power’s terrific staff has worked hard to manage their utility effectively. They realized that even with all their outstanding efforts, they needed a better system with more capabilities. Prior to GMI’s help, the utility mapping was kept in a set of CAD drawings with additional utility information in disconnected spreadsheets and other programs. This data management created inefficiencies they wanted to solve and they wanted more information about their system to be available. Examples of some of their needs included:

  • Is our transformer list comprehensive? Which are missing? Which need to be replaced? Which are having problems? What network issues are we experiencing?
  • What is the status of our poles? Which need to be retired? What services are connected to each pole?
  • How can we manage network outages better? How can we minimize affected households?
  • What areas of our network are showing the most problems?
  • Which assets need to be replaced? Which assets are underperforming?

They needed a better solution. GMI helped the agency transition their CAD maps, spreadsheet data, and lists to GIS. Their new GIS setup includes full network connectivity for use in the new advanced GIS Utility Network. They are now in a position to answer their questions in a timely manner and be proactive in the management of their system.

Example Benefits:

  • Enhanced management of outages
  • Use of live networking to manage rerouting of power
  • Deeper understanding of their network and how it is operating not just through an occasional modeling effort but through a day-to-day view
  • A comprehensive, data-oriented view of the network
  • Advanced analysis of the network which provides the opportunity to plan for network design and improvements
  • Ability to plan for future stability and improvements of their utility network
  • Available information where they need it in the field or office
  • Improved infrastructure replacement plan for aging poles, services, and other features