CWA #2 Drainage Canal Pump Station Design
Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City Public Utilities’ Storm Drain Master Plan found deficiencies in the Clean Water Act (CWA) Drainageway that caused periodic flooding. During large storm events, water backed up through an industrial park just west of I-215 causing regional flooding throughout the area. The problem stemmed from areas in the industrial park that were at a lower elevation than the Surplus Canal, the local drainage channel.

J-U-B came up with a unique solution to use screw pump technology that is typically used in wastewater applications as the best solution for this storm water project. We designed a new pump station just upstream of an existing siphon. The pump station was designed with screw pumps capable of pumping up to 250 cfs out of the CWA #2 and into the adjacent Surplus Canal. The vertical lift was approximately 12 feet. The US Army Corps of Engineers regulates the banks of the Surplus Canal, and any construction within their jurisdictional right-of-way or that might affect the banks of the canal required COE review and approval. The design included two screw pumps initially with a third bay constructed for a future third screw pump.

Awards and Recognitions: Winner of the Utah Floodplain and Stormwater Management Association Excellence Award