Commercial and Institutional Dev
Education Corridor
North Idaho College, ID

This was a multi-agency, major traffic improvement, and land development project that expanded the North Idaho College (NIC) campus, provided alternative access to adjacent neighborhoods, and enhanced pedestrian mobility.The Issues:

After the closure of an adjacent lumber mill, North Idaho College searched for years for a strategy to purchase and develop the 17-acre parcel along the Spokane River to expand the campus into a higher education corridor. Partnerships were formed between NIC, the City of Coeur d’Alene, Lewis and Clark State College, the University of Idaho, and the local urban renewal agency (LCDC) to purchase and develop the property into a higher education corridor.

 How we addressed the issues: J-U-B Engineers (along with J-U-B’s public involvement subsidiary, The Langdon Group) was selected to evaluate three prior planning studies and guide the nearly 20 stakeholder groups, including colleges, universities, public agencies, and adjacent neighbors through a public involvement process. The end result was a collaborative design effort accepted by all stakeholders that included two new accesses, 17 acres of developed property, one mile of roadway, and pedestrian and bicycle paths.

The design and construction services contract was also awarded to J-U-B. The project was completed on time, within budget, and with significant public support.

The Results: The project created two new entrances and expanded the campus to 75 acres. Improvements included two traffic signals, three roundabouts, one mile of urban road design, city utilities, private utility relocation coordination, aesthetic hardscape, landscaping treatments, pedestrian lighting, and identified locations for art features. The final design was completed in a little over five months and construction was split into phases spanning two years.

The Benefits: Full development of the Corridor is expected to add $38 million to regional economy over 20 years.

Unique and memorable: The Education Corridor project is the successful result of the J-U-B team comprised of successful multi-agency planners followed by a talented team of urban design staff and an experienced team of construction managers. This was a multi-agency, major traffic improvement and land development project that expanded the North Idaho College campus and provided alternative access to neighborhoods which incorporated pedestrian mobility through agency and stakeholder coordinated solutions.

Awards and Recognitions: The project was the recipient of five awards from state and national organizations, including, The Grow Smart Award from Idaho Smart Growth in 2011 and was listed as a Top Project in the 2012 Idaho Business Review.

  “The Higher Educational Campus will pay huge dividends in future economic growth and in the recruitment of jobs.”
Former Mayor Sandi Bloem, City of Coeur d’Alene

“For the Education Corridor project, J-U-B balanced the needs of the City, LCDC, and NIC while meeting a very tight design schedule. They effectively communicated with and received buy-in from the many stakeholders. I recommend J-U-B for projects with multiple agencies and stakeholders because they have proven time and time again that they can handle anything thrown at them.”
Gordon Dobler, P.E., City of Coeur d’Alene