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Bingham County, ID

For several years, Gateway Mapping has provided Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services to Bingham County, Idaho. Services include the implementation of an asset management program, implementing an enterprise GIS, and building a countywide parcel map of more than 30,000 parcels. Most recently, Gateway Mapping is helping the County build a series of web maps to help the public have access to some of the County’s GIS information.

The Issues.  As the public’s expectation grew for easy access to property ownership information, so did the demand for an online parcel map. By the beginning of 2011, County staff members were receiving several phone calls every week asking when the map would be ready. They knew it was time to go online, and they asked Gateway Mapping to help them make it happen.

Addressing the Issues.  In order to get their maps online, we helped the County select a web mapping software and server that was right for them—one that was powerful and met their needs but didn’t break their budget.  We set up the server, helped them configure and publish maps to the web, and fine-tuned the final applications. We provided detailed training for the County to ensure that they would be able to maintain the web maps going forward.

The Results.   Bingham County’s website now includes three public web maps: A searchable parcel map with property ownership information; a map helping citizens find out where they go to vote; and a map for surveyors with links to recorded section corner perpetuation documents for every Public Land Survey System (PLSS) section in the County.  From these maps, citizens can access parcel ownership information, property values, tax amounts and links to photographs of properties.

The Benefits.   The first noticeable benefit was a big “THANK YOU” from the public! The County still receives phone calls regarding GIS, but now they are calls of thanks for publishing the web maps. There have also been internal benefits. In years past, employees had to install (and constantly upgrade) viewer software to access GIS information. Now, everyone who works in the county courthouse has access to GIS information without having to install any software at all.

Unique and memorable.  Like most Counties, Bingham County is comprised of several departments that have varying goals and objectives.  Throughout the years, Gateway Mapping has helped several departments with their different needs, but this was the first GIS project that really brought everyone together. Departments including the County Assessor, Clerk, Public Works, Planning and Zoning and others came together to provide input and make the project successful, and each department is now benefiting from the results.

“Gateway Mapping has done wonderful things for us over the years, but getting our maps online is the best yet.  Everyone at Bingham County is so happy with how the webs maps turned out.”
Cheryl Robertson, Bingham County GIS Manager