Traffic and Transportation – Engineering and Planning
Lincoln Road Corridor
Bonneville County, ID

Through a competitive process J-U-B was selected by Bonneville County to provide a full life cycle project (planning through construction management) for 2+ miles of the Lincoln Road Corridor in eastern Idaho.  Lincoln Road is a major east-west arterial in the growing northeastern part of the greater Idaho Falls/Ammon area in Bonneville County.  Between 25th East (Hitt Road) and 45th East (Crowley Road) Lincoln Road was comprised of a narrow two lane roadway with no shoulders, no pedestrian or bike amenities, no storm drainage, and poor pavement conditions.  Additionally, the intersections with Hitt Road, Ammon Road, and Crowley Road were all operating poorly with significant capacity and safety issues resulting from outdated intersection controls.  J-U-B started the project life cycle with a comprehensive planning study for the corridor, of which the creation of a robust existing and future conditions traffic model was the cornerstone.  With the traffic model in place to predict future traffic demands, J-U-B led Bonneville County Public Works and the Board of Commissioners through a process to select the preferred alternatives for improving the corridor.  Public input was also gathered during the planning phase.

With the preferred alternative selected by the County, the Board of Commissioners used 100% local funds to construct the improvements in two phases.  J-U-B managed the process of acquiring right-of-way and easements from nearly 100 parcels of residential and commercial properties in the corridor.  The acquisition of 75 parcels for the first phase was completed in less than 6 months.  J-U-B completed the design for the first phase in 2017 and construction was completed in 2018.  The second phase will be completed in 2020.  As the largest locally funded transportation project in the Idaho Falls area, this project fundamentally transformed the Lincoln Road corridor into a modern facility with significant improvements to capacity and safety for all modes of transportation.  The roadway was widened from 2 to 5 lanes, curb/gutter and sidewalks were added over the full length and the entire corridor now has an enclosed storm drainage system.  At the Hitt and Ammon intersections, this project includes the first true 2-lane modern roundabouts ever constructed in eastern Idaho.  As a testament to our depth and expertise, J-U-B utilized staff from the Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Boise, Salt Lake City, and Kennewick offices to support this project.  J-U-B provided full construction management and inspection services on this project, overseeing all aspects of construction to ensure quality, safety, and a great outcome for our client.