Runway Infrastructure Upgrade – Miley Memorial Field
Big Piney/Marbleton Airport Board – Wyoming

Miley Memorial Field is a medium-sized, General Aviation airfield serving a significant amount of transient operations and an increasing number of medium to large jet operations in the heart of the oil and natural gas fields of rural Wyoming.

This complex project covered the entire spectrum of J-U-B’s aviation consulting services, spanning all of the following:

Capital Improvement Plan Development

  • As part of the Federal Grant application process, J-U-B assisted the Airport Board in preparing an 8-year CIP covering projects necessary for upgrading the airfield to Airport Design Group C-II standards as well as providing for additional airport needs.
  • J-U-B’s previous experience with remote construction sites and knowledge of the Airport’s operations was instrumental in developing realistic estimates of construction cost to support the CIP and aid in developing a proposed funding plan.


  • J-U-B completed the necessary Categorical Exclusion documentation for the Runway 13/31 reconstruction project.
  • In anticipation of the proposed Runway extension and categorical upgrade, J-U-B began initial steps for the Environmental Assessment process and the resulting documents. The project team worked closely with Wyoming Department of Game and Fish to meet new state requirements relating to the protection of the greater sage grouse.

Land Acquisition

  • In anticipation of the proposed Runway upgrade and construction of a parallel taxiway, J-U-B initiated contact with the Bureau of Reclamation regarding the acquisition of a small government owned acreage needed to accommodate the proposed parallel taxiway.


  • Design for the completion of the Runway reconstruction project was completed using the existing Airport Design Group B-II standards, but mindful of the future upgrade to C-II standards. This entailed the strategic placement of fillets, edge light base cans and NAVAIDs such that they could easily be used for the proposed Runway upgrade.

Construction and Bidding Services

  • Use of an onsite field representative during the current construction phase was crucial in providing the owner with the assurance that the project being constructed met FAA standards.
  • The submital of high bid amounts necessitated the reduction of work scope to accommodate the Sponsor’s limited funds. Careful analysis and detailed review of the project scope by J-U-B allowed the project to be revised without any delay to the construction start date.

The Issues: An increase in jet traffic during the recent natural gas boom created a burden on the existing Runway 13/31 infrastructure which is only designed to accommodate Airport Design Group B-II traffic, has a limited length of 6,800 feet, and no associated parallel taxiway.

How we addressed the issues: By accessing previous experience and relationships at the State and Federal level, J-U-B was instrumental in bolstering the Airport’s justification for an infrastructure upgrade to category C-II and has positioned Miley Memorial Airport for this important change.