Weber State University Stream Channel Renovation
Weber State University, Utah

Weber State University in Ogden, Utah hired J-U-B Engineers to design a solution for a significant storm drainage problem on its main campus to rework an unsightly and potentially dangerous open channel carrying storm water of varying high and low flows from Harrison Boulevard to Lindquist Pond.

The Issues: The design challenge was to transform this campus eyesore into something functional, safe, and attractive. It needed to control peak and normal flows, stop erosion and sediment loss, and provide an aesthetically pleasing year-round amenity.

How we addressed the issues: Building upon a “large rocks and water feature” theme used elsewhere on campus, J-U-B’s engineers and landscape architects developed a solution that split water flows and used a series of energy dissipating waterfalls dropping into rock-lined pools or scour holes. Each waterfall was built using large eight to ten foot rocks at key locations to anchor and support the structure. Smaller three to four foot boulders were used to complete the walls. Each drop structure was hydraulically designed to dissipate energy and split or recombine flows in a variety of interesting and natural looking ways. Grout was used to seal the ponds, bring the low flow water to the surface, and maintain the appearance of an active water feature during all flow levels. Select planting and irrigation were added to blend the rock and water into the existing hillside.

The Results: The project required a multi-disciplinary team effort from the engineers, landscape architects, excavation contractor, and the landscape contractor. The result was an extremely happy client and an appealing campus feature.