37th Street Connector Project – City of Loveland, CO

Project Summary

In 2018, the City of Loveland, CO selected J-U-B through a competitive process to provide design services for a new segment of 37th Street from US-287 to N. Monroe Avenue. This included a new single-span bridge over Dry Creek and a new single land roundabout at N. Monroe and 37th Street.

The City identified this corridor along with the Dry Creek improvements as a critical infrastructure project to provide a missing gap in 37th Street and to improve the structural stability of Dry Creek. Funding for the project came primarily through capital expansion fees.

The 37th Street roadway connector project provides a new east-west arterial roadway connection from US-287 to North Monroe Ave. A new single-span bridge was required to connect the Dry Creek Ditch and a new single-lane roundabout at 37th Street and Monroe Avenue. The new roadway segment includes two travel lanes, a center turn lane, on-street bike lanes, attached & detached sidewalk, storm sewer, upgraded water and sewer lines, landscaping, and lighting. The City and its’ residents will significantly benefit from this project in the following ways:

• Improved connectivity and capacity of the City’s transportation network.
• Increased intersection safety at the 37th Street, North Monroe Avenue, and North Lincoln Avenue intersections.
• Reduced vehicle travel time and emergency response times.
• Increased east-west route options for all modes (people walking, biking, or driving).
• Reduced out-of-direction travel and neighborhood cut-through traffic.
• Evolved and improved public perception and expectations for large-scale infrastructure projects
• Provided a multi-modal corridor for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

The City advertised and constructed two additional stormwater improvement projects with the 37th roadway improvements in conjunction with the roadway project: Dry Creek Stabilization Project & 29th Street Outfall Project. The Dry Creek Stabilization Project consisted of re-shaping and stabilizing the creek banks. The 29th Street Outfall project consisted of upsizing existing storm drainage facilities for future capacity and constructing a soil nail wall to stabilize the creek banks.