Irrigation Systems

Water—Essential for Life

J-U-B is the recognized leader in the feasibility, planning, and design of large pressure irrigation systems. Our innovative approach to irrigation protects the needs of farmers while accommodating the demands caused by urban sprawl. We specialize in helping irrigation companies protect their most valuable asset—water.

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Culinary Water System Improvements

For many months out of the year, the Town of Garden City is a quiet secluded resort town with less  Read More…

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Canal Lining and Piping Salinity Reduction Project

J-U-B Engineers assisted Eden Valley Irrigation and Drainage District (EVIDD Wyoming) in master planning and securing over $17.5 million in  Read More…

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Cache Water Restoration Project

TheCache Water Restoration Project (CWRP) enclosed six miles of open canal in box culvert, concrete pipe, HDPE pipe and PVC Pipe to restore water to irrigation shareholders that was lost in 2009 from a breech in the canal.

Irrigation - Supply, Storage, and Distribution

Water resources engineering is at the core of what we do. A particular focus has been pressure irrigation systems, metering and canal lining, piping, and other enclosure projects. These system improvements contribute to conservation, energy efficiency, and better water management. We have unsurpassed experience in irrigation system design and construction, including:

Pressurized Irrigation Systems
Reservoirs and Dams
Pumping Facilities
Canals and Diversion Structures
Funding Applications and Grant Management
Salinity Control and Reduction Improvements
Hydroelectric Power Generation and Feasibility Studies
SCADA and Measurement and Metering Systems
On-Farm Irrigation Improvements