COVID-19 Notice: J-U-B is open for business and committed to client success, while using known precautions to keep staff and clients safe and healthy.

Our Leaders

Our Core Purpose is…

Helping each other create better communities.

Each employee contributes to the development of the company’s Strategic Plan. From these discussions, we create a Vision Picture that states our core purpose, our values, and our goals. Each employee understands our culture, company direction, and what they can do to contribute.

Area Managers & Group Leaders

Each member of our management team goes through an intensive leadership development. This includes a 15-month program with 10 days of classroom instruction and many hours of study and preparation between sessions. The training they receive is current and is also consistent with J-U-B’s Strategic Plan.

Corporate Support

Executive Committee

Our three-person Executive Committee is the primary management body of J-U-B. They are empowered to implement policy and to monitor and manage the overall health of the company.

Corporate Officers

Board of Directors

Our Company

Our Culture