Integrity in Design

Every bridge design has created greater access to the world for all, from pedestrians to the large transports of the modern century. With a fervor for bridge design, the J-U-B Structures Team has completed over 230 bridge projects in the past 15 years. Our Structures Team stays current with modern innovations in bridge design and implements them in each new project. Consultant integrity leads to bridge integrity. 

See What Makes Our Projects Connect
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Duportail Bridge Roadway

City of Richland, WA – The Duportail Bridge provides the City of Richland, Washington with a new connection from SR240 to  Read More…

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Lewis Street Overpass

City of Pasco, WA – J-U-B designed two bridges for this transportation improvement project in historic downtown Pasco, Washington. The  Read More…

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White City Canal Trail & Pedestrian Bridge

The White City Canal Trail project presented unique challenges: Stakeholders impacted by the trail Drainage issues Ability to cross a  Read More…

A Team That Is Structurally Sound

Our Structural Engineering Team is repeatedly selected for producing innovative and economical bridge designs. Our experience with local governments and federally funded projects strengthens our position as a trusted advisor. Our services include:

Vehicle Bridges
Pedestrian Bridges
Underpass Bridges
Retaining Walls
Soil Nail Walls
MSE Walls
Energy Dissipaters
Bridge Load Rating
Bridge Inspections
Seismic Analysis
Bridge Construction Procurement Documents
Accelerated Bridge Construction Design
Bridge Construction Observation
Alternative Project Delivery