A Thirst for Water Projects

We love everything about water: where it comes from, who owns it, how it flows, where it’s stored, how it’s treated, and how to get it into your glass—crystal clear. Our fascination with water coupled with our keen expertise allows us to solve even the most challenging water problems—quenching your thirst.

See How Our Projects Bring Life
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Hayden Lake Irrigation District 2 MG Composite Elevated Tank

J-U-B developed structural and civil performance specifications for a 100’ diameter steel water tank supported on a 50’diameter concrete pedestal  Read More…

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Woods Cross Granular Activated Carbon Water Treatment Plant

Woods Cross City produces more than 90 percent of its drinking water supply from groundwater wells located throughout the community.  Read More…

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West Richland Well #11 and Stripping Tower

J-U-B has provided potable water system planning for the City of West Richland for over twenty years. The 2009 Water  Read More…

Water - Supply, Treatment, Storage, and Distribution

We offer the industry’s finest water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution engineers. Public and private organizations consistently look to J-U-B as their trusted water advisor. We help with all aspects of managing water systems including:

Planning and design of:

Wells, Wellhead and Spring Systems
Pump Stations
Water Mains, Transmission and Distribution Lines
Storage Tanks and Reservoirs
Treatment Systems
Groundwater Protection Zone Delineation and Plans
Distribution System Modeling
Energy Efficiency Evaluations
Asset - Condition Assessment and Management
Construction Administration
Funding Applications and Funding Process Support
Water Right Evaluations and Regulation Compliance