GIS Mapping and Asset Management

With Gateway Mapping, Inc. (GMI)

GMI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of J-U-B. We help organizations build successful Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs. Our team of specialists applies GIS in ways that promote efficiency, save money, answer questions, and produce better results.

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Bountiful Power Smart Network System | Bountiful, Utah

Gateway Mapping recently helped Bountiful Power transition to an advanced Smart Network System. Bountiful Power’s terrific staff has worked hard  Read More…

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Utility Conflict Matrix / Utah Department of Transportation

Gateway Mapping, Inc. has developed a GIS tool that helps reduce risk and increase data organization and communication for transportation  Read More…

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Bicycle Facility Inventory / Ada County Highway District Overview

Ada County Highway District (ACHD) contracted J-U-B Engineers, Inc. (J-U-B) to perform a full evaluation and comprehensive inventory of all  Read More…


Our specialists provide a high level of GIS expertise, and our approach to GIS goes well beyond mapping. Our services include:

GIS Master Planning and Program Development
GIS Application Development
Map-based Asset Management
Enterprise Solutions
Software Development
GIS Applications for the Internet
Data Collection
Presentation Mapping
GIS Champion (Your On-Site Expert)
GIS Technical Support
GIS Training
Cemetery Records Management with Spatial GENERATIONS