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In the News

ID Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Appointment

Please join us in congratulating J-U-B’s own Tom Ruby, PLS on being appointed to the Idaho Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. The term of his appointment will be for the next five years, expiring on May 24, 2025.
As the discipline lead for surveying at J-U-B, Tom has had the opportunity to take the lead on a wide variety of survey projects. Projects include large-scale control surveys, aerial mapping survey control, conventional mapping projects, preliminary and construction engineering surveys, bathymetric surveys, deformation surveys, ALTA surveys, cadastral surveys, and property surveys. Tom has twenty-eight years of experience in the survey profession and has been professionally licensed in the State of Idaho for eighteen years.
Tom has provided successful surveying projects to clients for decades, including Idaho Power Corporation, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Idaho National Laboratories, Idaho Department of Lands, Idaho Transportation Department, numerous municipalities and countless private clients.

“The Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors regulates and protects those professions in Idaho – a critical function that ensures public safety and advancement of our industry. Tom is absolutely passionate about professional standards, ethics, and cares deeply about the art and science of land surveying. He’ll make a great addition to the Board. I’m happy that J-U-B can support him and the State of Idaho in those efforts. Congratulations Tom.”  –Tim Haener, President and CEO

Utah Construction Services Group Leader Announced

Adams Hales, P.E. has been selected to lead the Utah Construction Services Group. Adam joined J-U-B in 2005 and has been providing solid engineering and construction observation as part of the Construction Services Group. Adam has been around construction his entire life and started his career supervising crews working for his contracting and construction material business before becoming an engineer. This prior experience has enhanced his ability to partner with the contractor, proactively resolve field issues, and maximize quality on the projects he oversees.

Adam will manage, coordinate, and plan work for the Utah Construction Services Group, as well as make sure everyone is up-to-date on required training. Adam also leads the group in pursuing new construction management projects that are not J-U-B designed, including for UDOT and other clients. He is the Project Manager on several UDOT projects across several regions and has been instrumental in putting together and winning major projects.

J-U-B Forms Two New Functional Groups & Announces Group Leaders

Transportation Services Group (TSG)

The Transportation Services Group will focus on federal-aid highway and bridge projects for state DOT’s and local entities as well as any larger transportation project not performed by a local area.

Mike Arneson, P.E. Named Transportation Services Group Corporate Lead

Mike Arneson has been selected to lead the newly formed corporate transportation services group (TSG). Mike has more than 27 years of project management and highway/transportation engineering and has been the project manager for the development and implementation of more than $550 million in construction costs for bridge and roadway projects. Mike has also led the Idaho Transportation Group for the last two years and has worked closely with our transportation project managers and staff throughout the state to dramatically increase our business development win rate from 14% to more than 50% within that short time frame.

Water/Wastewater Treatment Group (WTG)

The Water/Wastewater Treatment Group (WTG) will perform the engineering and related services on “inside the fence” mechanical water and wastewater treatment projects as well as any treatment project not performed by a local area.

Levi Shoolroy, P.E. Named Water/Wastewater Treatment Services Group Corporate Lead

Levi Shoolroy has been selected to lead the newly formed corporate Water/Wastewater Treatment group (WTG) to coordinate and perform all mechanical treatment-related engineering services across J-U-B. Since graduating from the University of Idaho with a
Master of Engineering degree in 1999, Levi has worked in our Coeur d’Alene office on a variety of water and wastewater projects. Levi has been one of our corporate W/WW Group co-leaders since 2010 working to elevate J-U-B’s technical skillset, strengthen our internal network, and develop tools to improve the overall project process and having him step into this new role is a logical progression.

J-U-B Employees Give Back During the COVID-19 Crisis

In response to the increased needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and its social and economic effects, many of our employees have shown what it really means to live up to J-U-B’s purpose of “helping each other create better communities.” Small acts of service within our own homes, offices, and communities have been inspiring. Thank you to all who are helping in your own way!

Masks, masks, and more masks (and gowns!)

Many of J-U-B’s employees have been busy making masks! Communities throughout the country have issued the call for help, and you have answered! Kellie Borholthaus (Boise-Corporate) rose to the challenge to provide masks to our Colorado offices, which were required for them to keep working. She also made hospital masks for St. Alphonsus in the Boise area. Diane Zipperer (Coeur d’Alene Office) has sewn face masks for the Spokane Fire Department. There are many more that we didn’t mention. Thanks to all!

J-U-B spouses also contribute. “My wife is making Isolation Gowns for the doctors and nurses at Renown. The gowns are used to cover the doctor’s clothing when they go into a quarantine area. She makes the Gowns then delivers them to a person at a central location away from the hospital. After sterilization, the gowns are distributed to the appropriate medical workers.” —Dan L. Dyer (Reno Office)

About those masks…they can be super uncomfortable. Ear savers to the rescue!

“A friend of mine works in health care and requested devices to be worn with masks that reduce strain on the ears and make masks a little more comfortable to wear. I teamed up with a buddy of mine, and with our 3D printers, we produced about 70 of these “ear savers”. Pretty minor, but hopefully it’s making things a little easier for health care workers in Reno.”Jeff A. Weagel (Reno Office)

Thanks also to Janeth Lopez (Twin Falls office) for making ear savers for nurses in her community.

Donations, donations, and more donations!

Many employees and J-U-B offices have donated money and groceries to others.  Without naming them individually, it goes without saying that our employees are very generous.

“We gave our UPS and FedEx driver’s Gift Certificates to South Creek Pizza to thank them for providing such a valuable service in these tough times. Plus we’ve been send-ing homemade cookies and masks to friends and family. I provide quality control on the cookies!”Ben W. Volk (Reno Office)

“We have had the opportunity to donate to our food bank and donate weekly milk from our local dairy.” —Jeff Temple (Fort Collins)

The community giving committee in the Orem office organized a food drive in response to the increased needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and its social and economic effects. They collected and dropped off 200 lbs. of food and other items to the Food and Care Coalition. The Orem office also organized a virtual food drive to benefit the Utah Food Bank. All of the Utah offices were invited to participate.

Mentoring at home and in the community!

Whether mentoring and teaching their own children or mentoring others in the community, J-U-B employees have risen to the occasion! Angie Comstock and Riannon Zender, both from the Coeur d’Alene office, have switched their Soroptimist club meetings to Zoom, which they host. The organization helps give girls the connections and support they need to enter into awesome careers.

Many J-U-B employees are taking on the role of “teacher” with schools across the country being closed. “I have to say my part in giving is learning to “teach” along with my grandsons 4 teachers and attempting to give him the time/service that he deserves that he is no longer getting at school! I am so thankful for J-U-B and their understanding of this issue for us parents that now have become teachers in a “NEW WAY”. I’m also so thankful for ZOOM and all the teacher’s efforts to keep in touch and guide us during this abnormal time.”Deb Erdman (Kennewick Office)

Leslie & Kellie Boise) show off their homemade masks

Jeana, Brittany, John, and Allyson (Orem Office) keeping their distance while loading donated supplies.

J-U-B Nationally Ranked in the Top 500 Design Firms in 2019

J-U-B is honored to be included in the Engineering News Record (ENR) Top 500 Design Firms for 2019. We were ranked #278, up from #284 in the 2018 rankings. The ranking is based on revenue for design services performed in 2019 in $ millions. Click HERE for more information.

“Our strategy is not to grow for growth’s sake, but to seek out opportunities for employees, clients, and markets that – in turn – lead to expansion. J-U-B continues to grow and thrive based on our Team’s commitment to their clients and each other. The GO Team, lead by Cory Baune (and previously by Ben Volk), has been a Strategic Plan enhancement that provides a deliberate mechanism to drive “good growth”. It’s nice to see us advance in the ENR Top 500 Rankings, but true success comes with happy clients thrilled with our work and engaged employees advancing in their careers”.
-Tim Haener, President & CEO

Toby Epler, P.E. – J-U-B’s Aviation Services Group Manager

J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Toby Epler, P.E.  as the Aviation Services Group Manager.  Toby has been with J-U-B since January 2014. Prior to J-U-B, Toby worked on Aviation projects in the Boise, ID valley with Kimley-Horn.

J-U-B Aviation Services Group (ASG) was created over 15 years ago to promote efficiency, profitability, communication, and employee growth. Using our pooled resources, knowledge, and experience we are able to successfully compete on a local and regional level.  Building on the strong foundation as we move towards the future, Toby will continue working on refining our processes, expanding our markets, and developing new team members.  We currently have 25 dedicated aviation employees in nine offices serving 30+ airport clients spread across seven states. We’re excited about the future and look forward to new and exciting opportunities.

Chuck Larson to continue in ASG as a Senior Project Manager

Former ASG manager, Chuck Larson, P.E. will continue full-time at J-U-B serving as a Senior Project Manager focusing on making the team stronger and more proficient. Chuck will also continue as Chairman of the Board for J-U-B through March 2021.

“Toby is well prepared to lead J-U-B’s Airport Services Group to greater heights in client service, market share, and team building. Helping clients and staff be successful is what Toby and J-U-B are all about. The good news is Chuck Larson will continue to be fully engaged in the business helping Toby and the whole J-U-B team fulfill their goals. Kudos to Chuck for his leadership of the group, the seamless transition, and continued efforts going forward”.  – Tim Haener, President & CEO.

David Watkins, P.E. – Area Manager of J-U-B’s Moscow Office

We are pleased to announce the appointment of David Watkins, P.E. as the new Area Manager of the Moscow Office. David’s experience as Assistant Area Manager working with Cory Baune, P.E. has prepared him for his new role. Cory has relocated to the Coeur d’Alene office.

“David is ready, willing, and very capable of taking over the leadership role for the Moscow office.” Says Cory Baune, former Moscow Area Manager. “His technical skills, dedication to clients, and natural mentoring style, with a sprinkle of humor, will serve him well in this leadership role. Join me in congratulating David on his new adventure!” Cory concluded.

About David

David received his Civil Engineering Masters of Science in the field of water/wastewater treatment at the University of Idaho and has more than ten years of consulting experience. He has a wide range of experience in the planning, design, and services during construction for sewer collection, wastewater treatment, water distribution, and stormwater collection systems. David also has experience with environmental compliance, regulatory permitting, and reporting.

“We’re super excited to have David leading our team in Moscow.  He’s got all the tools and traits of a great leader and client advocate. Cory Baune has done an amazing job preparing David for this role and building our presence in the region.” -Tim Haener, President & CEO


Jason Jones, P.E. Appointed Area Manager of Salt Lake City Office

J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. are pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Jones, P.E. as the new Area Manager of the Salt Lake City Office.

Mike Worrall, former Area Manager of the Salt Lake City office, says that “Jason has been a great partner for me. He has done great things building a municipal practice in the Salt Lake Valley. For myself, change can be nerve-racking, but I am completely at ease handing over the reins to Jason. I am excited to see how he applies his natural leadership skills to take the SLC office to new levels.”

Jason has been the Assistant Area Manager for the Salt Lake office since June of 2019. He has over 17 years of experience in the industry and has focused his career on providing municipal engineering services to local cities, districts, and communities including stormwater, water and wastewater engineering, hydrologic analysis, hydraulic design, utility design, site development, roadway, and signal design, airport design, trail design, and plat and plan review.

“Jason is just a great engineer and leader,” says Tim Haener, President and CEO. “He understands how to take care of clients, the team, and the business. We could not be more pleased about having Jason step up and lead our Salt Lake team into future growth and success.”


Michael Worrall, P.E. Appointed Director of Innovation

J-U-B’s board of directors recently approved a new “Innovation Initiative,” and is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Worrall, P.E. as the Director of Innovation. Mike has 36 years of experience in the civil engineering industry, with a focus on Transportation, Construction, Environmental and Innovative Contracting. He has been with J-U-B for 14 years, where he has been the Area Manager for the Salt Lake City office for the last six years.

“I think I am what you might call a “responsible non-conformist” meaning that I tend naturally rebel against the system, but desire to do so in a productive, respectful way,” Mike says of himself. “J-U-B’s business model involves us so closely with our clients, we have a unique opportunity to bring creativity and innovative solutions that are specifically tailored to help our clients do their jobs better.”

J-U-B Announces New Senior Leadership

J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. is pleased to announce the following new leadership roles.

“We have made a significant change in senior leadership this year with Lee Cammack completing his tenure as CEO and Tim Haener stepping in as President and CEO. This critical transition has been developing for nearly five years. Both Tim and Lee are ready and comfortable with their new roles. Managed leadership transition keeps our organization stable and maintains our underlying culture.” -Chuck Larson, J-U-B Chairman of the Board

Lee Cammack, P.E., former President and CEO of J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc., has transitioned to a role as Vice President and Senior Advisor.

Lee has over 45 years of experience in both the public and private sectors.  In addition to his experience in private industry he has served as City Engineer/Public Works Director for Kaysville City, Utah and Chief Deputy County Surveyor for Utah County.

Lee has been active in various associations and organizations including the Utah City Engineers Association where he was a member of the original board of directors and served as secretary, director, vice president, and president.

Tim Haener, P.E., has been appointed President and CEO of the firm, and will lead the Executive Committee. He has retained his position on the Board of Directors, upon which he has served since 2005.

With over 31 years of professional experience, Tim joined J-U-B in 1997 as a Project Manager in the Municipal/Water Resources Group. He served as the Area Manager of J-U-B’s Boise Office for six years prior to joining the Executive Committee in 2007.

Troy Green, P.E., has been retained as an Executive Vice President and member of the Executive Committee. He is also a member of the Board of Directors.

Troy has over 34 years of engineering experience with an emphasis on water and wastewater. Troy has been with J-U-B for 31 years in the Kennewick, WA office, and has been a Board member since 2002.  He’s been an Executive VP as a member of the Executive Committee since 2005.

Brian Smith, P.E., has been appointed Executive Vice President and newest member of the Executive Committee. He will retain his position on the Board of Directors.

Brian has 30 years of engineering experience and is entering his 25th year with J-U-B. His primary background is transportation engineering, and he is currently licensed as a professional engineer in Idaho and Oregon. Brian was the area manager in Boise for 8 years and previously managed our Fort Collins office for 6 years.  He has been a member of the board of directors since 2016.

Brian Deeter, P.E., has been elected to the J-U-B Engineers, Inc. Board of Directors.

Brian has more than 27 years of experience in irrigation and municipal engineering throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. He’s been with J-U-B since 1994, and has been an Area Manager for 19 years, including three years with the Logan Office and 16 years with the Kaysville office. These days Brian spends most of his time pursuing and
managing large irrigation projects in the remote corners of Utah and Wyoming.

Ben Volk, P.E. has been appointed as a Vice President of the firm. Up until this point, Ben has been the Area Manager of J-U-B’s Kennewick Office. In light of our merger with Dyer Engineering Consultants in January 2020, to help ensure a seamless integration of culture, core values, and operations, Ben has relocated to Reno, NV.

Ben has over 30 years of engineering experience with an emphasis in piping and pumped systems, water distribution, wastewater engineering, water rights, and well drilling. Ben’s areas of expertise include irrigation systems, urban stormwater drainage, hydraulic engineering, environmental review and planning, water conservation, water conveyance systems, pipeline design, sewage collection systems, on-site septic systems, and grant and loan applications.

In addition to the leadership transitions mentioned above, the following Board members were retained: Chuck Larson, Chairman; Steve James, VP; Mike Worrall, VP; Vince Loftus, VP., and Brenda Miklos was retained as Secretary/Treasurer.



Client Success is Our Success

In addition to frequent project-specific feedback gathered by project managers and other team members, our Executive Committee conducts a more formal feedback process. This consists of in-person interviews with key clients—as recommended by our area managers and group leaders.

We are thrilled to report that based on the 70 in-person client feedback interviews conducted by the executive team in 2019 that…

  • 97.2% would be willing to recommend us to their peers!
  • Only about 1 in 5 clients had any feedback that required follow-up. Stellar!
  • 100% of those follow-ups were concluded within 60 days to the satisfaction of the client.

This is a testament to our Team’s commitment to service and, “Helping each other create better communities.”

“Client feedbacks have been an integral part to understanding how we are doing and how our clients perceive us. Having over 97% of them say they would recommend us to their peers is an outstanding accomplishment.”
Troy Green, PE, Executive VP

J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. Expands to Nevada with Dyer Merger

J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. (J-U-B) is pleased to announce it’s merger with Dyer Engineering Consultants, Inc. (DEC) of Reno, Nevada.

This strategic merger expands J-U-B’s footprint into Nevada and the Reno metropolitan area and enhances opportunities for employees and clients of both firms.

“The merger of J-U-B and DEC is a unique opportunity for two firms with highly compatible cultures to join forces and provide new services to clients and new opportunities to current and future employees,” says Lee Cammack, CEO of J-U-B. “Working with all involved to make this happen has been one of the highlights of my career,” Cammack concludes.

Shane Dyer, President of DEC, says, “Our team is excited about this merger! J-U-B is an amazing firm with a great culture. We have been impressed with the company’s leadership and commitment to their employees.”

DEC is a firm specializing in aviation, roadway, water resources, mining, and land development engineering, serving clients throughout Nevada and surrounding states. Founded in 1998, DEC has established itself as a go-to firm for municipalities, service districts, airports, private clients, and project partners.

J-U-B Wins the ITD Environmental Stewardship Award

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) 654, 17 Bridges Design-Build Project continues to be recognized, most recently for an ITD Environmental Stewardship Award. The project has won the following awards so far:

• AASHTO Presidents Transportation Award
• ITD Best of the Best Innovation for 2018: One Contract
• Idaho Transportation Department Excellence in Transportation Award 2018: Large Design
• Idaho Transportation Department Excellence in Transportation Award 2019: Environmental Stewardship

The project has replaced 17 bridges in the ITD’s District 4, 5 and 6. J-U-B served in a Program Management role assisting ITD to develop and administer the project. It has been a true team effort with staff from numerous offices working on the project including Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin Falls, Boise, Logan, Kaysville, and Salt Lake.


J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. Ranks #72 on the 2019 Idaho Private 100 List

J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. is honored to be included in the 2019 Idaho Private 100—a publication by The Idaho Statesman. J-U-B was recognized at a gala celebration in Boise on October 30th, as #72 in the ranking this year, up from #78 in 2018. Albertsons, Winco, and JR Simplot Companies were 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

The purpose of the Idaho Private 100 is to provide an avenue for privately-owned companies headquartered in Idaho to promote and share the growth of the private sector, while still honoring their desire to remain private. The rankings are based on total company revenues from the previous year. J-U-B has been ranked since 2012 and was one of only three engineering firms ranked this year. Thank you to our employees and clients for contributing to our success!

Tim Blair Appointed to ACEC-Idaho Board

Congratulations to Tim Blair, P.E., of J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc’s
Boise office, on his recent appointment to the
American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Idaho Board!

Tim is originally from Kennewick, WA, and moved to Boise in 1999 after graduating from Washington State University. He has been with J-U-B for a total of 17 years and spent the last 10 years in Boise working as a project manager and area transportation manager. Tim designed and managed a variety of municipal, land development, and transportation projects throughout Idaho and enjoys working with both local and state agencies to build successful projects in our local communities.

Tim volunteered as a Big Brother in the Big Brother Big Sisters program in Boise, served on the Idaho Society of Professional Engineers SW-Chapter from 2012-2017, and has been involved with ACEC over the last 11 years serving on various sub-committees during this time. Tim is married to his wife, Krista, and has two young children. He looks forward to the opportunity to continue to serve ACEC of Idaho.


Ahmad Salah – 2019 Recipient of the Denis Stuhff Award of Excellence

Ahmad Salah, Ph.D., M.B.A., P.E., GISP, C.F.M., of J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. Orem, UT office, was recently honored by receiving the Denis D. Stuhff Award of Excellence. The award is given annually by the Utah Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association at their conference to one or two individuals in recognition of their work in the Flood Plain Managers Profession. It is named after the late Denis D. Stuhff who was an advocate for Floodplain Managers in Utah.

Ahmad Salah is well educated in Water and Hydrology with several degrees including a Ph.D. from BYU in 2009, Masters from University of Twente, Enschede, Holland, and a Bachelor of Science from Cairo, Egypt. As part of his Ph.D., he was involved with the development of the Watershed Modeling System (WMS) and Surface Water Modeling System (SMS).

Ahmad has worked at J-U-B Engineers since 2017 assisting in Storm Water, Irrigation, Hydrology, and other water-related issues as well as geospatial tools application in engineering. Prior to that, he worked for Stanley Consultants and Aquaveo doing other major drainage 1&2D modeling projects.

Ahmad has 24 years of rich experience in the industry. He has been a CFM for many years and is licensed as a Professional Engineer in both Idaho and Utah. He holds an MBA from BYU and is a GIS professional.

“J-U-B Engineers is doing a fantastic job helping me design and fund a flood prevention project. Ahmad Salah is very helpful. He really knows what he is doing and has the firm behind him so he can get into the details and get the job done.”

– Nick Castleton, Mayor, Eureka, UT

J-U-B Engineers, Inc. Announces Boise Area Manager Transition

Lisa Bachman, AICP has been named Area Manager for J-U-B’s Boise location, succeeding Brian Smith, P.E., who will be transitioning to J-U-B’s Executive Committee in March 2020.

Having practiced planning in the public and consulting field for 16 years, Lisa will have overall responsibility for employee engagement, client satisfaction, and business practices for the Boise office. She holds a Political Science degree and is a certified planner through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and a Professional Community and Economic Developer (PCED) through the Community Development Council.

Josh Elliott, P.E. has been named Assistant Area Manager for the Boise Office. He will work closely with the office group leaders on their professional practices and assist Lisa Bachman on a variety of business improvement initiatives over time. Josh holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Idaho and has 15 years of municipal engineering experience in our Boise office. He is a licensed professional engineer in Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon.

Transitions for Lisa and Josh to these new positions will be completed within the next few months, providing time for training and workload distribution.

“We could not be more pleased with the selection of Lisa as our Boise Area Manager,” says Tim Haener, J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. President. “She will bring a unique perspective to J-U-B’s leadership team and has the skills to grow our Boise office in a fun yet challenging environment. In addition, Josh provides the perfect complement as Assistant Area Manager in light of his engineering and business skill sets. These assignments fit into J-U-B’s long term vision and position us well for future organizational development and client success.”

Christina McCullock Named New Director of Geospatial Services

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Christina McCullock as Gateway Mapping’s new Director of Geospatial Services. Gateway Mapping, Inc. (GMI) is a subsidiary of J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc.

With six years of service to J-U-B and GMI, as well as 17 years prior experience in consulting, Christina is well-qualified to step into this role. Christina will replace Neal Fraser as Director of Geospatial Services, who has served in the role since 2017 and has recently transitioned from GMI to J-U-B’s Aviation Group.

Christina quickly integrated into the GMI team when she started in 2013 and has continued to develop her skills and add value to the many projects she has worked on over the intervening years. As Director of Geospatial Services, Christina will be responsible for ensuring that our GIS team provides the level of care and quality of service that our clients have come to associate with GMI. This transition is a natural next step for her career as she spends more time taking care of clients, both within J-U-B and with external clients. We are excited about the opportunities this presents for both Christina and Gateway Mapping, and we are looking forward to successful times ahead!

“Christina is a fantastic employee and a key member of Gateway Mapping’s team. She is a great communicator, a skilled problem solver, and she knows how to take care of our clients. I am thrilled for Christina to have this opportunity and I know that this will make Gateway Mapping even better!”  -Kasey Hansen, General Manager Gateway Mapping, Inc.

Big Win for J-U-B Survey Group in Idaho

Trusted Relationship

Throughout the previous four years, the J-U-B Survey Group has been building relationships in eastern Idaho with ITD District Six by delivering a variety of survey projects on-time, under budget, and with deliverables that have exceeded our client’s expectations.

Careful Work and Persistence Pay Off Big

J-U-B’s careful work and persistence recently paid off big when we were selected, through an open competitive selection, for on-call Survey Services in District Six. J-U-B was chosen over four other powerhouse survey firms. Within two weeks of notice to proceed our crews were gathering terrestrial LiDAR survey data for a bridge deck replacement project on US20 near Idaho Falls.

J-U-B Uses Innovative Bridge Design for the Kuna Road Bridge

J-U-B recently finished the Kuna Road Bridge project for the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) in Idaho. J-U-B provided the Bridge Design and ACHD constructed the bridge with their own team.

Several highway jurisdictions nationwide have used a relatively new method for building bridges promoted by the Federal Highway Administration through the ‘Every Day Counts’ initiative. Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil – Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) is an innovative system of constructing the bridge foundation (abutments and wingwalls).

The materials used in GRS-IBS projects are easily obtained. The construction methods are successfully implemented without specialized labor, and the ease of assembling a foundation using this method reduces construction time. These benefits promote economic efficiency, with the cost of building the GRS-IBS bridges 25% to 60% less than conventional bridge construction (percentages provided by FHWA).

Nationwide, GRS-IBS bridges have a history of excellent performance when used to replace single-span bridges. ACHD’s record of innovation comes with the courage to take advantage of a new bridge construction method and involve their workforce in the process. A video, produced by ACHD, about the unique construction of this bridge can be viewed HERE.

Other Benefits
In addition to the time savings, benefits include the following:

• Rideability – reinforced soil approaches eliminate a common problem where a bump develops in the pavement between the roadway and a bridge.
• No specialized materials or equipment needed.
• Impact on the traveling public is reduced because construction times are minimized.
• Sponsor experiences the satisfaction of quickly building a long-lasting structure.
• With one GRS-IBS bridge complete, the bridge crew has experience and confidence to build a second bridge with this method. Efficiencies learned through the first project will save time on the crew’s second GRS-IBS Bridge project.
• If mistakes occur during construction they are easily rectified.
• GRS-IBS bridge construction can be performed during winter months.
• Cast in place concrete at the project site can be minimized and in some instances eliminated to avoid formwork, tying rebar, and curing concrete.

Did you Know:
In five years Idaho will have 1,100 local bridges that are over 50 years old! Using the Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil – Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) method will help extend the funding for Idaho bridges by reducing bridge replacement costs.

J-U-B Wins Big at the 2019 ACEC Idaho Engineering Excellence Awards

The Idaho chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies recently awarded J-U-B Engineers with four Engineering Excellence Awards. The awards represented a variety of projects in various engineering disciplines and throughout Idaho. Awards included:

  • Bonners Ferry Suspension Bridge Sewer Forcemain Replacement (Water and Stormwater Category)
  • City of Post Falls Tertiary Treatment Study (Studies, Research and Consulting Category)
  • Idaho Standards for Public Works Construction (ISPWC) (Special Project Category)
  • City of Kuna Downtown Revitalization – Phase 1 (Small Projects Category)

“These awards demonstrate the breadth and depth of our great team at J-U-B,” says Tim Haener, President. “We enjoy helping our clients solve tough problems in a spirit of teamwork and collaboration.”

J-U-B Very Active at the 2019 Association of Idaho Cities Conference

J-U-B Engineers participated as a Platinum Sponsor at the recent  2019 Annual Conference of the Association of Idaho Cities (AIC) held in Boise, ID.

J-U-B has been a long-time partner with AIC through conference sponsorship as well as doing session presentations on many relevant topics over the years. J-U-B’s subsidiaries, Gateway Mapping and The Langdon Group, are integral to the depth the breadth of topics of interest to AIC.

The AIC is an association of over 200 Idaho Cities, and the annual conference includes the participation of mayors, council members, public works officials, and planning staff from throughout the Gem State. Attendance for the AIC’s 72nd Annual Conference exceeded 400 municipal officials.

Conference Presentations

  • Land Surveys in Cities – All You Need to Know. Geremy Russell, PLS, J-U-B Engineers. This was a municipal-related surveying presentation on topics important to cities, including the platting process, monument preservation, datum management and understanding, control networks, right-of-way determination, and types of data acquisition.
  • Does your Strategic Plan allow for Successful Crisis Communication? Marcus Murdock and Bryant Kuechle, J-U-B / The Langdon Group. The goal of this session was to help identify the key components of an organization that must be present for that organization to successfully communicate during a crisis.
  • Triennial Review (Water Resources Panel). Brett Converse, PE, Ph.D., J-U-B Engineers. This session was a panel discussion regarding water resources legislation, technical, and legal issues in Idaho and the region.
  • AIC Public Works Professionals – ACEC Report. Tim Haener, PE, President, J-U-B Engineers.
  • Opening Luncheon General Session. Tim Haener, PE, President, J-U-B Engineers.

“J-U-B’s core purpose is ‘Helping each other create better communities.’ We developed that purpose statement through engagement with our employees about what they believe about J-U-B’s mission and culture. I think J-U-B’s core purpose resonates well with AIC. Helping each other, as collaborators on programs and projects, to make Idaho’s communities better for the future. We are proud of J-U-B’s long-standing relationship with AIC toward that goal.” –Tim Haener, Excerpt from General Session Remarks

ASCE Engineer of the Year – Mark Christensen

On Friday, June 7, 2019, J-U-B’s Mark Christensen, of the Orem, UT office, was recognized as the Engineer of the Year for the American Society of Engineers (ASCE) Utah Section. The ASCE Utah Section has 1,538 members and the recipients of this award are nominated by their peers from ASCE. This is a great honor and we are excited for Mark to be recognized for his integrity, work ethic and leadership skills.

Below is an excerpt from the nomination letter sent to the ASCE Utah Section Past President’s Council that votes on the Engineer of the Year Award.

“Mark represents his clients with the highest integrity and always keeps the health, safety, and welfare of the public in mind as he leads projects. Mark has represented several cities in Utah County as their City Engineer, including Lindon and Santaquin. He is also the trusted advisor of several more cities, helping them with development reviews and capital improvement projects. Delivering quality is very important to Mark. He lives by it, expects it from his project teams, and clients gratefully depend on it. He thoroughly reviews each deliverable, making sure the best interest of the client and the public are met.

Mark gives back to the community each year during E-week. He visits several schools in the cities where he works and talks about how Civil Engineering improves our lives. Mark is also very active with the BYU Engineering Department and regularly attends career fairs to meet and mentor students. “

Congratulations Mark!


J-U-B’s New Environmental Group Leader

J-U-B’s executive committee has appointed Marti Hoge as it’s Environmental Service Group leader!

The Environmental Services Group is very key for project success in all our core markets,” says Tim Haener, President. “It’s nice to see the group developing new markets as they continue to enhance client success throughout J-U-B.  We are thrilled to have Marti lead and grow this team of professionals” he concluded.

Marti joined J-U-B in 2007 after receiving a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy from Colorado State University. Her areas of expertise include NEPA, federal markets, environmental policy and permitting. Marti is looking forward to assisting with the continued advancement of the Environmental Services Group.

“Environmental processes are ever more complicated and pose a tremendous risk to our clients, our projects and their schedules. We now have the most talented and qualified team of environmental professionals that J-U-B has ever had.” 

– Mike Worrall, J-U-B’s Salt Lake City Area Manager



J-U-B Nationally Ranked in ENR’s Top 500

J-U-B is honored to be included in the Engineering News Record (ENR) Top 500 Design Firms for 2018. We were ranked #284, up from #296 in the 2017 rankings. The ranking is based on revenue for design services performed in 2018 in $ millions.

“We pride ourselves by being a larger firm with a smaller firm feel,” says Lee Cammack, CEO. “This ENR ranking recognizes our steady growth while maintaining great client service and employee satisfaction” he concluded.

New Area Manager in La Grande, OR

We are pleased to announce that Shae Talley has been named Area Manager in J-U-B’s La Grande, OR office. Shae has been with J-U-B since 2016 and has professional licenses in both Montana and Oregon.

“Shae is truly ready to be a leader in J-U-B,” says Tim Haener, President. “She understands client care, employee development, and has a passion for making every project a success. We are proud to have her helping build our northeast Oregon market” he concluded.

We look forward to seeing the La Grande office grow and expand under Shae’s direction and leadership.

Announcing New Area Manager in Spokane, WA

BOISE, IDAHO—Layne Merritt, P.E. has been appointed Area Manager for the Spokane Office, effective April 1, 2019. Layne will replace Dave Kliewer, P.E., who has honorably served the company for 25 years. As Dave transitions into retirement, he will continue to focus on client care and business development. “Dave Kliewer is a tremendously devoted member of our J-U-B family. He is a man of integrity and has been key to our success in Spokane. We are glad he will remain engaged,” said Lee Cammack, CEO of J-U-B Engineers.

Layne Merritt has 28 years of engineering experience with professional licenses in Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming. He has been with J-U-B since 2010 and specializes in all aspects of municipal engineering. “I am pleased with Layne’s new opportunity,” Kliewer said. “Layne has proven himself to be intelligent, honest, and very dedicated to our client’s success. I look forward to him leading the way toward continued growth for the Spokane Office and all of J-U-B,” he concluded.

Layne’s ability to build strong relationships—internally and externally—has earned him a reputation of trust and competence. “Through Dave’s example, we know the values of J-U-B will continue to be emphasized under Layne’s leadership,” said Tim Haener, President of J-U-B. “With our superb Spokane team, Layne will help clients succeed and bring up the next generation of employees to thrive in their careers,” Haener added.


J-U-B Has Excellent Client Feedback

Client success is our success

In addition to frequent project-specific feedback gathered by project managers and other team members, J-U-B’s Executive Committee conducts a more formal feedback process. This consists of in-person interviews with key clients—as recommended by our area managers and group leaders.

We are thrilled to report that based on the 74 in-person client feedback interviews conducted by the executive team in 2018 that…

  • 99% would be willing to recommend us to their peers!
  • Only one out of three clients had any feedback that required follow-up
  • 97% of those follow-ups were concluded to the satisfaction of the client.

This is a testament to our Team’s commitment to service and, “Helping each other create better communities.”

“These results indicate our commitment to client satisfaction,” says Lee Cammack, CEO, “We build relationships of trust that allow us to help our clients succeed. Thanks to everyone in the firm for your client focus, as shown in these excellent client feedback results.”


Over the last five years, J-U-B’s Executive Committee has conducted 442 client feedback interviews from all across our service region. Of those, 96% have indicated their satisfaction with J-U-B, GMI, and/or TLG. For those few clients who sought improvement, J-U-B continues to work for nearly all of them.



J-U-B Volunteers at PNCWA’s Inaugural WaterPalooza Event

Helping Educate the Next Generation

J-U-B’s Chris Horgan volunteered at the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association’s (PNCWA) inaugural WaterPalooza event on October 18, 2018 before the PNCWA Annual Conference. The event, held at William Howard Taft Elementary School in Boise, Idaho, engaged elementary school students in hands-on and demonstrative activities that promoted the value of water and encourage students to become stewards of their water environment. At the event, students traveled in small groups to various stations to learn about the local water environment, the importance of water, initiatives in their community, and how to save water and protect the environment at home. Over 15 local partners participated in the event and shared their passion for Boise’s natural environment.


PNCWA Annual Conference – J-U-B Employee’s Very Involved

PNCWA Conference Chair

J-U-B’s own Chris Horgan was the Chair of the most successful annual PNCWA (Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association) Conference to date. Held in October, this annual conference is the most important event for the region’s top wastewater professionals. Some interesting facts about this year’s conference:

  • This was the first time the conference was held in the newly renovated and expanded Boise Center
  • Largest conference attendance ever (950)
  • Largest technical program ever (145 presentations)

Read Chris’ “Message From the Chair”

2018 Individual Distinguished Achievement Award

Jim Kimball was presented with the 2018 Individual distinguished Achievement Award. This award is presented to a PNCWA member who is most deserving of special recognition as a result of distinguished service rendered in the interest of pollution abatement, and who has contributed fundamentally and practically to the advancement of the industry.

J-U-B Employees Present at the Conference

  • Steve James – pre-conference workshop – Demystifying Water Quality-Based Permitting
  • David Watkins and Colt Shelton – Payette Lakes RWSD Reuse
  • Mike Conn – Post Falls Membrane Tertiary Treatment Pilot for Low Phosphorus and Reuse


J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. #72 on the 2018 Idaho Private 100 List

J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. is honored to be included in the 2018 Idaho Private 100—a publication by The Idaho Statesman. J-U-B was recognized as #72 in the ranking this year, up from #75 in 2017. The purpose of the Idaho Private 100 is to provide an avenue for privately owned companies headquartered in Idaho to promote and share the growth of the private sector, while still honoring their desire to remain private. The rankings are based on company revenues from the previous year. Thank you to our employees and clients for contributing to J-U-B’s success!

Executive Spotlight

As part of the publication’s “Executive Spotlight” feature, J-U-B’s president, Tim Haener, was asked what advice he had for professionals endeavoring to advance their careers? His answer: “Learn to set your daily priorities to the work that generates the most value to your employer. Shunt less important routine tasks to support staff. Manage urgent, important items. Then, focus most energy on the important items that are not urgent but will pay big dividends to your organization. Every day, take time to think about the future.”


New Area Manager in the Lewis Clark Valley Office

BOISE, IDAHO—J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. officially appoints Kayla Brown, P.E. as the Area Manager of their Lewis Clark Valley office in Clarkston, WA.

Kayla has nearly 13 years of engineering experience with professional licenses in both Washington and Idaho. Kayla graduated from the University of Idaho and joined J-U-B in October 2017. Her practice includes airport engineering and general transportation.

“We are thrilled to have Kayla join the management team at J-U-B,” says Tim Haener, President. “She has the experience, drive, and passion to help J-U-B live up to our core purpose: helping each other create better communities. Our clients, employees, and business will all benefit from her leadership. Hats off to Cory Baune, Area Manager of our Moscow office, for mentoring Kayla and facilitating this next step in her career at J-U-B.”

As the largest Idaho-based civil engineering firm, J-U-B employs 350 people in 18 offices throughout Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Washington, and Oregon. They serve the quad-cities and surrounding areas through newly established offices in both Clarkston, WA and Moscow, ID.

J-U-B provides quality engineering services to federal, state, and local government agencies as well as many leading industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations. With a focus on building strong client relationships, J-U-B offers complete engineering and planning services in transportation, water resources, structures, environmental, landscape architecture, site development, surveying, and construction services.

Subsidiary companies, Gateway Mapping, Inc. and The Langdon Group, Inc., add strength to the J-U-B portfolio by offering industry-leading GIS and public involvement expertise.

Using the Future to Preserve the Past

John Hayes Statue

A statue honoring John Hayes, a pioneering surveyor, was unveiled on July 6, 2018, at a dedication event for the sculpture at the new Twin Falls Commons. The story of John Hayes is about the transformation of a region through cooperative efforts and exemplary feats of land surveying using the relatively primitive instruments of that era. Read more about John Hayes and the story behind the statue in the History-Art-Community section of the xyHt Magazine.

J-U-B’s Involvement

Dave LaMure, the sculptor of the John Hayes statue named “A Vision of    Tomorrow,” consulted with J-U-B’s own Tom Ruby and Bert Nowak to make sure the details of the surveying equipment of that era were correct.

Ruby pointed out a missing tangent screw on the back of the sculpted transit, which LaMure later added and called the “Ruby key.” Rumor has it that “Ruby” is inscribed on the top of that tangent screw on the full-sized sculpture, out of view.

Using the Future to Preserve the Past

ONE MONTH AFTER THE DEDICATION, a local team of surveyors used high-tech surveying equipment of the present day to capture the site in as a high-resolution 3D model for preservation purposes. The model was presented to the City of Twin Falls not only so they could feature it in any future 3D virtual or augmented reality tour or educational applications, but also as a high-definition as-built of the original should there ever be a need for repair or replacement years, or even centuries from now.

Tom Ruby, Jake Smith, and Kirk Reichling were joined by Eric Stricker, PLS, from surveying equipment and solutions dealer   Frontier Precision, to map the Commons and statue.

For retraceable orientation, the team used a high-precision GNSS Trimble R10 rover and real-time network kinematics (NRTK). A   robotic scanning and imaging total station were then used to scan and map the site.

This scanning total station, their Trimble SX10 (read xyHt’s recent feature on these types of instruments at, seems like science fiction in contrast to the instruments of Hayes’ era. Ruby also brought an antique from that era, an 1880 Gurley surveyor’s transit, nearly identical to that featured in the sculpture—some of surveying’s past meeting its future.

1903 Survey Crew-Twin Falls Canal tract

The iconic photo of Hayes, on the first day of the survey laying out the City of Twin Falls in 1904, appeared on the cover of a book a century later, inspiring the community and artist Dave LaMure Jr. (Photo courtesy of the Hayes Family.)

The artist posing with local surveyors at the dedication



Public Involvement Leads to Watering Station

As part of the J-U-B designed Sunset Peak Water Tank project in the Boise foothills for SUEZ, The Langdon Group (TLG) was contacted by a trail user with the idea of a watering station for thirsty dogs at the Hulls Gulch Trailhead, near the project area.

TLG coordinated with the City of Boise and the construction contractor, McAlvain Companies, Inc., to facilitate the installation of a combined drinking fountain/bottle fill/dog watering fountain. The project was funded through donations by SUEZ, J-U-B, McAlvain and the trail user, “North End Eric,” in partnership with the City of Boise.

These efforts were commemorated with a plaque recognizing the partnership. The suggestion, as part of the public involvement process, resulted in making the community and trail more enjoyable for everyone…and their dogs.



Jestin Hurst to Lead J-U-B’s Federal Markets Group

J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc.’s Executive Committee has selected Jestin Hurst, P.E. to lead its Federal Markets Group. This  group is comprised of Project Managers and others within J-U-B who have an interest in “direct federal projects.”

According to Executive Vice President, Troy Green, “The overall goal of the group is continuous annual growth in federal market revenue. Jestin has a history in the federal market sphere and has done a great job on several recent advancements.”

Working in our Idaho Falls Office, Jestin has been with J-U-B for nearly four years. Previously, he worked with Northwind and Michael Baker on large federal projects in SE Idaho and beyond.

“I’m looking forward to helping advance this market at J-U-B,” says Hurst. “Our regional footprint and technical offerings make us a great teaming partner for many small or disadvantaged firms with Federal contracts. There is a lot of potential upside and low BD costs with that strategy”.

In addition to his new role, Jestin will continue to work on projects and develop clients in SE Idaho.


J-U-B Attends the WIE Symposium at the University of Idaho

On September 12th in Boise, the University of Idaho conducted a symposium focusing on recruitment and retention of women in the College of Engineering. Hattie Zobott, from J-U-B’s Twin Falls Office and Tim Haener, President participated in the meetings. The goal of the symposium was to establish an execution strategy for supporting and retaining women students, with the following focus points:


  • Supporting academic success and self-confidence
  • Creating a mentorship network
  • Improving culture and climate
  • Bridging the transition for incoming students

According to Larry Stauffer, Dean of the UI College of Engineering, “Diverse perspectives will elevate problem-solving and improve the quality of all our engineers. The initiatives also apply to retain other excluded cultural groups like millennials, minorities, non-engineer professionals.”

Several ideas generated in the breakout session are relevant to J-U-B’s efforts to attract talented women engineers and other professionals to J-U-B. “Hattie and I learned some best practices that we will be discussing with Kellie in HR and with the Executive Committee,” says Tim Haener.

J-U-B has been focusing on recruitment of women engineers for the last several years. Our efforts are paying off.  In 2014, only eight percent of J-U-B’s engineering staff were women. In 2018, J-U-B’s engineering staff is 17 percent women, a 110 percent increase! Nationwide, the number of women civil engineers is 14 percent, so we’re now above the national average.

“Growing our pool of women engineers and leaders is vital to J-U-B’s long-term success,” says Lee Cammack, CEO.  “It’s great that we’re learning some best practices to continue our positive trend.”

Tim Haener, Dr. Larry Stauffer (Dean, UI College of Engineering), Hattie Zobott, and Dr. Patricia Colberg (Chair, UI Civil Engineering)

New Leadership

J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. Appoints New Leadership

BOISE, IDAHO—Leadership changes were announced at the annual shareholder’s meeting held in Boise, Idaho, on March 17, 2018. Lee Cammack was named as Chief Executive Officer, with Tim Haener as President, and Troy Green remaining as an Executive Vice President. The three constitute the corporation’s Executive Committee. Additionally, shareholders elected Mike Worrall as the newest member of the Board of Directors and as a Vice President.

Mr. Cammack joined J-U-B in 1995 and was elected to the Board of Directors in 1999. Since his election to the Board, he has served as Vice President, Executive Vice President, and President and CEO. He will continue in his role as CEO focusing on corporate governance, directing the efforts of the Executive Committee, and as the management voice of the company.

“The company has experienced record-setting success under the direction of Lee Cammack,” says Chuck Larson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the multi-disciplinary firm. “The intent behind the change is to begin the implementation of a leadership training and transition strategy which the Board has been discussing for some time.”

“This strategy is expected to provide redundancy and leadership continuity at every level,” says Cammack, who will continue to provide veteran leadership.

Mr. Haener is in his 21st year at J-U-B. He is a University of Idaho graduate with technical expertise in wastewater treatment, pump stations, and sewer modeling and master planning. In 2005, he was elected to the Board of Directors, and has since served as a Vice President and Executive Vice President. As President, he will focus on business operations, Area Manager development, and Strategic Plan implementation. He is also a recent graduate of the ACEC Senior Executive Institute.

Mr. Worrall joined J-U-B in 2005, and became the Salt Lake City Area Manager in 2013. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado and is a licensed professional engineer in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and Montana. He continues to add significant client development and management experience to the corporate Transportation Group. Worrall brings a diverse and tenured perspective to the J-U-B Board of Directors.

J-U-B provides quality engineering services to federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as many leading industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations. With a focus on building strong client relationships, J-U-B offers complete engineering and planning services in transportation, water resources, structures, environmental, landscape architecture, site development, surveying, and construction services.

Through steady and sustainable growth, J-U-B now employs nearly 350 people in 17 offices throughout the Northwest and Intermountain West. Subsidiary companies, Gateway Mapping, Inc. and The Langdon Group, Inc., add strength to the J-U-B portfolio by offering industry-leading GIS and public involvement expertise.


J-U-B is a TOP 300 Design Firm!

Engineering News Record (ENR) recently released their rankings of the Top 500 Design Firms based on 2017 reported revenue. We are thrilled to report that J-U-B Engineers ranked 296, placing us in the Top 300 nationally!

Congratulations to all the clients and employees of J-U-B that made this milestone attainable. Here’s to the future!

J-U-B Contributes to Nationally-Recognized Dixie Drain Project

As a subconsultant to Brown and Caldwell, J-U-B Engineers had a significant role in the planning, design, and implementation of the Dixie Drain Phosphorus Removal Project for the City of Boise, Idaho. The program was an innovative means to remove phosphorus from the Boise River by treating an irrigation drain rather than adding extraordinary systems to the City’s wastewater treatment plants.

The project garnered the Grand Award for Idaho in the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC-Idaho) Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA). The Grand Award is the highest achievement in the state EEA program. Moreover, in April 2018, the project received a Grand Award at the national ACEC level, one of just 16 projects so recognized in the country this year.

“This project represents the what J-U-B is all about,” says J-U-B President Tim Haener, “we helped the team create a better Boise by saving them millions of dollars in conventional wastewater treatment though an innovative solution.”

The project consisted of a drain diversion structure, pump stations, lined earthen treatment cells, solids storage cell, effluent structure, and operations building. JUB’s scope of work included surveying, entitlement work, hydraulics, drain discharge structure and screening system, earthwork and groundwater system for the lined treatment cells, and all related systems.

New Roundabout in Breckenridge

This joint project between CDOT and the Town of Breckenridge resulted in a new Roundabout at South Park Avenue (SH-9) and Four O’clock Road.

The design documents were prepared to CDOT local Agency standards and were advertised by the Town. In 2010 J-U-B prepared a level of service feasibility study in which both a single lane roundabout and a conventional signalized intersection were compared.

Once the roundabout was selected as the preferred intersection, J-U-B began design in late 2012 and completed design in 2014. The design included a single lane roundabout while considering storm drain locations, major fiber optic lines, gas regulation station relocation, Right of Way, bike and pedestrian traffic and construction traffic control. Landscape and lighting (street & pedestrian) plans were included in the final construction plan set. CDOT Right of Way plans were prepared for this project by King Surveyors.

The Town of Breckenridge acquired the required ROW and easements for this project during 2015 and 2016 and the roundabout was constructed in 2017. The contractor had 2.5 months to build the roundabout in order for the roadway to be reopened for the town’s 4th of July festivities.

True Partners in Public Service

J-U-B was recently awarded another three-year on-call services agreement with the City of Boise. J-U-B was one of three firms selected for the On-call Civil Engineering Roster, which covers a myriad of services such as surveying, structural, site civil, collection systems and pumping, sewer master planning, and related work.

J-U-B has been selected for this roster for over 20 years.  In congratulating the staff, V.P. Tim Haener said “Your great services leads the City to select J-U-B again and again.”

J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. announces Western Colorado Office

BOISE, IDAHO—J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. officially opens a new office in Western Colorado. The office is located at 305 S. Main Street in Palisade, Colorado.

J-U-B is a multi-disciplined engineering firm established in 1954. J-U-B’s longevity in the industry can be attributed to their high ethics, technical diversity, and ability to do what is in the best interest of the public and their clients. This is the second Colorado office for the firm.

The new office will be led by Luke Gingerich, a licensed Professional Engineer. Luke specializes in water resource planning and engineering. He currently provides engineering services for several irrigation districts in the Upper Colorado River Basin as well as water conservation districts, small municipalities and non-governmental organizations. He has a strong background in agricultural water use, drought planning, and water rights. As a long-time resident of western Colorado, Luke has worked closely with a number of communities in the region and is dedicated to building stronger communities in western Colorado. “We are excited about the level of service we can provide to clients,” said Luke Gingerich. “The proximity of our Western Colorado team helps us stay in tune with local issues, making us more effective as our clients’ trusted advisors.”

“We have great confidence in Luke.” Said Lee Cammack, CEO of J-U-B. “Luke’s proven leadership and engineering expertise will help us continue to build strong relationships, both with clients and the public,” Cammack concluded.

Since their inception, J-U-B has become one of the leading consulting engineering firms in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West—employing nearly 350 people in 17 offices throughout Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Washington, and Oregon.

J-U-B provides quality engineering services to federal, state, and local government agencies as well as many leading industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations. With a focus on building strong client relationships, J-U-B offers complete engineering and planning services in transportation, water resources, structures, environmental, landscape architecture, site development, surveying, and construction services.

Subsidiary companies, Gateway Mapping, Inc. and The Langdon Group, Inc., add strength to the J-U-B portfolio by offering industry leading GIS and public involvement expertise. For more information, please visit

J-U-B Welcomes Ed Spears, P.L.S.

Mr. Ed Spears, P.L.S.  recently joined the J-U-B team.  Ed began his surveying career in 1978 as a survey technician for Surveyor’s West in Clarkston, Washington. He worked under the guidance and tutelage of his aunt, the late Kay Prickett – owner and founder of Surveyor’s West,  and the first licensed female surveyor in Washington and Idaho.

Ed obtained his Professional Land Surveyor License in the State of Washington in 2009 and the State of Idaho in 2016. Ed has 40 years of land surveying experience including but not limited to boundary surveys, record of surveys, subdivision platting, topographic survey, road construction staking and layout, and legal descriptions. He has performed survey work throughout Idaho and Washington; with a majority of his work performed in Asotin, Garfield, and Columbia Counties and Nez Perce, Idaho, and Latah Counties.  We look forward to working with Ed and welcome his contributions to J-U-B.

ACEC – Best in State: Gold Award

The Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport project received the ACEC Best in State: Gold Award for Social, Economic, and Sustainable design.

The close proximity of wetlands to the airport carried potential hazards for airport operations, as wetlands and streams attract wildlife.  The airport needed to located the mitigation property more than two miles away, yet within the same watershed.

J-U-B Engineers obtained permits, secured land, designed and procured bids, and managed construction. The project yielded the largest mitigation site in terms of area, in eastern Washington.  It included creating 8 acres of wetlands, enhancing 13 acres of existing wetlands, and preserving 91 acres in the upland buffer area.  Thousands of plants, shrubs, trees, and boulders were installed.
J-U-B assisted the contractor for two years monitoring and maintaining the mitigation site.


New Booster Pump Station – Kennewick, WA

J-U-B – Kennewick designed a unique new booster pump station for the City of Kennewick.

New residential development required the design and construction of a new closed system booster pump station to supply domestic and irrigation water demands, The booster station includes three adjustable speed pumps (one small and two large) to maintain system pressure under multiple demand conditions.

The finished pump station has the very unique aspect of a residential appearance and includes architectural and landscape features that are consistent with the overall design tone of the development.


City of West Richland, WA – New Street Waste Facility

Concerns about water quality in Eastern Washington led West Richland to address the issue of providing a street waste facility where debris could be taken care of properly.  The new facility was strategically located near the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant to allow decant wastewater to be treated at the plant.

J-U-B Engineers designed the facility which consists of six different docks for unloading and processing street waste from street sweepers and eductor trucks.  J-U-B also assisted during the construction phase.

This project improves water quality and solid waste handling as well as improves the quality of life for residents in West Richland.



Breckenridge, CO – South Park Ave (SH-9) & Four O’clock Road Roundabout

Work on this joint project between CDOT and the Town of Breckenridge began in 2010 when J-U-B prepared a level of service feasibility study.  The study compared both a single lane roundabout and a conventional signalized  intersection.

Once the roundabout was selected as the preferred intersection, J-U-B began design in late 2012 and completed design in 2014. The design included a single lane roundabout while considering storm drain locations, major fiber optic lines, gas regulation station relocation, Right of Way, bike and pedestrian traffic and construction traffic control. Landscape and lighting (street & pedestrian) plans were included in the final construction plan set. The Town of Breckenridge acquired the required ROW and easements for this project during 2015 and 2016. The roundabout was constructed in 2017. The contractor had 2.5 months to build the roundabout in order for the roadway to be reopened for the town’s 4th of July festivities.


PNCWA – September Photo of the Month

The Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association (PNCWA) is dedicated to preserving and enhancing water resources.  They have resources available on their website and recently started a new, fun feature, “PNCWA Photo of the Month.”
The very first photo spotlighted a J-U-B engineer from Kennewick, Washington, working on the City of Walla Walla’s sewer collection system.   The system has over 150 miles of gravity pipe and serves a population of 32,000 residents.  J-U-B’s engineer sports a smile from down in a manhole where he was calibrating the City’s sewer collection model.  The meters captured sewer flows and real time storm events to measure inflow and infiltration, which was used in the model to project the impact of future growth, demands, and storm events.  See PNCWA web site


Pedestrian Bridge added to Loveland Trail

The City of Loveland, Colorado recently opened a newly-built half mile of the Loveland Recreational Trail. This completed a missing connection in the city trail system. The 18-mile trail runs along the Big Thompson River and offers beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains to cyclists and those walking the trail.

“J-U-B Engineering was contracted by the City of Loveland Parks & Recreation Department to design and engineer abutments and the placement of an existing pedestrian bridge for the extension of the Recreation Trail within the City. Their attention to detail and ability to adapt led to a very successful repurposing and placement of the existing pedestrian bridge over a 50’ wide irrigation canal.” — Scott Sinn, City Planner

The repurposed bridge had been washed away from the Viestenze-Smith Mountain Park during 2013 flooding.   The bridge would no longer span the changed river so the City found a new place for it on the Loveland Trail.

Project Engineers Join J-U-B

Delmas W. Johnson, P.E. (licensed professional engineer in UT and ID) started working at J-U-B Engineers.

Delmas has 26 years of experience in the water resource industry as a consultant and subject matter expert.  Delmas has been involved with the full spectrum of public water system planning, source development, water treatment, system design and management, permitting, construction management and project financing, wastewater collection and onsite treatment, and stormwater management. 

He graduated with Bachelors (1990) and Masters (1995) degrees from Brigham Young University.  Delmas also is currently serving as a Chair of the Intermountain Section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and as a Board member since 2012. 

Delmas can be reached in the Orem office at (801) 226-0393 and his e-mail is 

Additional information about Delmas can be found here:

Ahmad Salah, Ph.D., M.B.A., P.E., GISP, C.F.M. . (licensed professional engineer in UT and ID) started working at J-U-B Engineers.

Dr. Salah is an international GIS consultant & water resources expert with 22 years of experience in advanced water resources modeling, engineering, integrated management, water quality, GIS, remote sensing, asset management and data analytics.

He received a Bachelors from Ains Shams University in Cairo, Egypt; a Masters from ITC, in The Netherlands, and MBA and PhD from Brigham  Young University. 

Ahmad can be reached in the Orem office at (801) 226-0393 and his e-mail is

Additional information about Ahmad can be found here:


Major Growth in Vineyard, Utah

J-U-B Orem is seeing the results of their labors on a project covering over 3,200 acres city-wide. 

Prior to 2002, Vineyard was a small town with one main street and one small City building.

In 2005, Geneva Steel Plant’s 1,750 acres was sold to a private developer with extensive building plans.  Acting as the City Engineer, J-U-B was key in guiding the City through an aggressive growth and development period. Now in 2017, building is in full swing and the City of Vineyard looks nothing like it did 15 years ago.

There have been nearly 20 phases to the project thus far with several still to come.  Phases included: road improvements, a roundabout, public safety building, sewer lift stations, detention basins, an overpass, as well as water, pressure, gravity irrigation, storm drain, land drain, sewer and power lines.

Two unique challenges were:

  • Building road and utility infrastructure through the old steel mill site and avoiding concrete building foundations.
  • Putting a sewer and water line underneath the Union Pacific and UTA Frontrunner railroad tracks through an existing water transmission tunnel that was used by Geneva Steel to move water from a cooling pond to a power plant.




Gateway Mapping’s New GIS Tool Improves Productivity

*GMI Data Collections Specialists have set up a new “maplication” (mapping application) tool to assist engineers and increase productivity during project site visits. The technology, which is loaded on engineers’ phones, is being used throughout J-U-B to collect signs and other points relating to pavement and environmental concerns. Locational points, photos, and feature attributes are recorded with ease. Engineers are able to use the application offline in areas with limited cell/data coverage, then upload it to the network when they return to the office.

Project engineers in J-U-B’s Orem office recently used this “GIS on the Go” tool to identify potential issues and strengthen their understanding of a Utah County project. The application allowed them to see their location on a map, drop a point where they were standing, and attach notes, attributes, and pictures. Back in the office, they were able to analyze their findings quickly and efficiently.

*Gateway Mapping, Inc. a J-U-B Company

Ahmad Salah joins J-U-B Engineers

J-U-B Engineers welcomes Ahmad Salah, PE, PhD, GISP, CFM, MBA

Mr. Salah is an international GIS consultant & water resources expert with 22 years of experience in advanced water resources modeling, engineering, integrated management, water quality, GIS, remote sensing, asset management and data analytics. 

He received a Bachelors from Ains Shams University in Cairo, Egypt; a Masters from ITC, in The Netherlands, an MBA and PhD from Brigham Young University.

 Ahmad comes to J-U-B with strong leadership, communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.  Additional capacities include  statistics, decision support system, computer programming, enterprise-wide GIS solutions, design, implement and maintain geo-databases, analysis and mapping for large scale infrastructure, environmental and engineering projects. 

We look forward to our association with Ahmad.


Delmas W. Johnson joins J-U-B Engineers

J-U-B Engineers welcomes Mr. Delmas W. Johnson, P.E.

Delmas has 26 years of experience in the water resource industry as a consultant and subject matter expert.  He has been involved with the full spectrum of public water system planning, source development, water treatment, system design and management, permitting, construction management and project financing, wastewater collection and onsite treatment, and stormwater management.  He received his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Brigham Young University. 

Delmas has worked the majority of his career in consulting, being associated with the following firms:  Hansen, Allen & Luce, Inc., Nolte Associates and Stanley Consultants.  He also spent over seven years working as a water resource manager for the Corporation of the Presiding Bishop – LDS Church.

We look forward to a rewarding association with Delmas.

First Major Bus Rapid Transit System

The Langdon Group (TLG) is leading public involvement for the CMGC construction of the first major Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Utah. The BRT system will use specialized buses on roadways and dedicated lanes to move passengers to their destinations.

The Provo-Orem TRIP—which includes road, transit, and bike/pedestrian improvements—is a partnership between the Utah Transit Authority, the Utah Department of Transportation, the Mountainland Association of Governments, Utah County, Provo City, and Orem City.

The 10.5-mile BRT line is being constructed on major roadways in the Provo-Orem area and affects thousands of businesses, residents, and commuters. It will connect the FrontRunner commuter rail with major universities, employment centers, and malls.

TLG’s involvement includes public involvement strategy development and implementation, multi-agency coordination, conflict resolution, community advisory committees, a business promotion program, public presentations/events, web/media/social media, and traditional “boots on the ground” outreach.


Great Teamwork Leads to Another J-U-B Win!

The City of Sandpoint, Idaho, recently selected J-U-B to provide wastewater system planning and improvements to help the City determine how they will protect their water quality for the next 50 years.

J-U-B’s proposal was unanimously selected without an interview.  A review of the scoring results showed J-U-B’s intimate understanding of the community’s needs, depth of team member experience, and a customized public outreach plan.

The results would not have been possible without the efforts of the entire team.  Congratulations!


Bear Lake Marina Dock Replacement

J-U-B was hired by the DFCM to design the replacement of the existing Bear Lake Marina docks. The two-phased project includes new docks, electrical, and fiber conduits.

  • Phase 1 replaced all of the docks on the north side of the Marina and was completed in 2016.
  • Phase 2 is replacing the docks on the south side of the Marina and is very close to completion.

Under the direction of Project Manager Zan Murray, our team was responsible for quality control/quality assurance, project status, budget and schedule monitoring, design, and construction administration.

The Marina, originally constructed in the 1960s, has 376 slips, storing boats of all sizes.


J-U-B Supports University of Idaho Engineering EXPO

With the support of J-U-B and other industry partners, the University of Idaho’s 24th Engineering Design EXPO held on April 29th was another great success. The annual Engineering Design EXPO showcases UI Engineering senior engineering capstone projects, and is the Northwest’s longest-running, interdisciplinary initiative featuring student innovations. J-U-B  was the sponsor of one of the Capstone Projects – “Page Wastewater Treatment Plant Design” evaluating a new 5 mgd treatment plant for one of our key clients.

J-U-B’s Cory Baune, Steve James, and Tim Haener were in attendance to lend a hand and talk to presenters…and potential recruits.

J-U-B is active on the UI Civil Engineering Advisory Board.  In the past, Chuck Larson, Tim Haener, and Steve James all served multiple terms on the Board – most recently Steve James, who is just finishing up a six-year term.




Rachel Road Alignment Study

The Langdon Group (TLG), a J-U-B Company was selected through a competitive process to lead a roadway alignment study through an environmentally sensitive area in the Tri-Cities area of Washington.

TLG will help answer the question:  How does the community maintain and potentially enhance the natural benefits of a nature preserve while providing roadway connectivity and sufficient emergency access to a new school and surrounding neighborhoods?

Planning and facilitating pubic meetings at key project milestones, developing a wildlife report, coordinating regular Community Advisory Committee meetings, and presenting public developed recommendations are a few of the tasks to be accomplished during the course of the project.

Photo – Visit to nature preserve that proposed roadway will navigate.

The Pioneer Wildfire Recovery and Restoration Project

The Pioneer wildfire occurred in the summer of 2016 and burned approximately 200,000 acres.

In October 2016, The Langdon Group (TLG), a J-U-B Company, began working with the Boise National Forest and Boise Forest Coalition to support public involvement activities related to the recovery and restoration of the area.

Currently, TLG facilitates the monthly meetings for the Boise Forest Coalition, which is a citizen-led group involving members with diverse perspectives on forest management. The coalition is responsible for providing consensus recommendations to the Boise National Forest on restoration projects such as the Pioneer fire project.

The Langdon Group is also working closely with the forest and coalition to plan public outreach on the proposed post-fire restoration efforts that are scheduled to begin this spring.

(photo used permission USDA-Forest Service)

Mike Arneson – J-U-B’s Corporate VP of Business Development

Michael E. Arneson, PE is J-U-B’s new Vice President of Business Development. The company’s Board of Directors created this position to better serve our existing clients, as well as expand additional markets throughout the Intermountain West. Mike is a professional engineer with a degree from the University of Idaho and 24 years of diverse industry experience including civil, transportation, and environmental engineering, as well as a proven aptitude for effective project management, public involvement, and business development. Because Mike has a unique talent for crafting successful, high quality capture strategies, planning, qualification statements, and proposals, the Board deemed him an excellent choice for the job.

With his keen understanding of the company-wide position, vision, and growth plans, Mike will collaborate with area managers and discipline leads to help improve their marketing efforts. He will provide guidance in vetting pursuits, as well as pre- and post-RFP planning such as developing project-specific teaming selections, capture strategies, and win themes. Mike will also, at times, assist with or lead proposal development for larger and/or more complex solicitations from federal agencies and others. Additionally, he will support J-U-B’s internal Communications Group, which is a company-wide, ad-hoc resource pool responsible for producing business development submittals following established corporate standards.

Along with the responsibilities of this new position, Mike will continue to manage his ongoing projects, service existing clients, and lead the Idaho Falls area office.

Tim Haener, PE – 2016-2017 ACEC of Idaho President

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Idaho (ACEC Idaho) has elected Tim Haener, P.E. to serve as President for the 2016-2017 term.  Mr. Haener took office effective October 2016 at the ACEC Idaho annual conference in McCall.

Tim, a graduate of the University of Idaho, serves as an Executive Vice President with J-U-B. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the civil engineering profession.

ACEC Idaho represents the Idaho consulting engineering industry with a focus on enhancing business and protecting public health, safety, and welfare.   ACEC Idaho regularly interacts with peer associations, agencies, client groups, and registration boards to track and engage on issues of mutual interest.

J-U-B Awarded New Pressure Irrigation Study

The Crockett Irrigation Board  in Cache County, Utah selected  J-U-B’s Logan office to prepare a significant study that will lead to a new pressure irrigation system servicing the northwest area of Logan, North Logan, and Hyde Park. In addition to the Crockett service area, the study will include ten additional irrigation companies that receive water through the Crockett distribution system.

With steady growth in Cache Valley, land use is evolving from agricultural to municipal. This evolution results in a change in water resource usage. Irrigation canals are aging and water seepage is becoming problematic. For these reasons, Crockett Avenue Irrigation and Distribution System, Inc. determined it was time to investigate pressurizing their irrigation system to distribute water more efficiently and minimize loss through conveyance.

The study will also evaluate the benefits of the additional capacity in the existing canals to convey storm water. Currently, the irrigation canals convey storm water from the development areas.

An improved irrigation system will lessen culinary water consumption during summer months, which will reduce demand on the municipal culinary water systems and may result in long-term savings to the end users.

Once the study is complete, J-U-B will provide implementation recommendations to the Crockett Irrigation Board, the communities of Logan, North Logan, and Hyde Park, and other stakeholders.


J-U-B Announces New Office in Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction, Colorado is the latest addition to the J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc. (J-U-B) network, joining Fort Collins and 14 other offices in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Leading our Grand Junction team is Luke Gingerich, PE. Luke, a  Colorado State University graduate, has more than 11 years of experience with a strong background in water resources and agricultural engineering, water rights, drought planning, and hydraulics. He works extensively with government agencies—local, state and federal—as well as many non-government organizations and philanthropic groups.

Having a permanent presence in Western Colorado will allow us to better serve our local clients with all their engineering needs, from project planning through implementation.

Welcome Grand Junction!!

Contact Information
Grand Junction Office
305 South Main Street
Palisade, CO

J-U-B Twin Falls Selected on Magic Valley Regional Airport Project!

J-U-B’s Twin Falls office has received approval to move forward on the design, bidding, and construction engineering at the Magic Valley Regional Airport.

The project includes relocating light and sign panels and rehabilitating 4,500 feet of Taxiway “Alpha” (“A”), which is showing signs of weathering, oxidation, and block cracking.

Taxiway “A” runs parallel to the primary, high-use Runway 26. To comply with recently- changed FAA design standards, the taxiway will be reduced from 75 feet to 50 feet. A total of 2,400 linear feet of mill overlay will be used to renovate the taxiway surface, an edge drain system will be installed on the north side of the taxiway, and additional drainage structures will update a 60-year-old drainage system.

Approximately 2,000 linear feet of Taxiway “A” will be realigned and adjusted to the north. This significant effort consists of large earth-moving operations, installing new electrical conduit and drainage pipes, spreading 24 inches of gravel and asphalt, and installing lights and signs.

J-U-B will also assist the airport in purchasing a new 1,500-gallon tank Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle.

The reconstruction is scheduled to begin August 2017 and the ARFF vehicle purchase will be completed by November 2017.

Lee Cammack – Engineer of the Year!

The prestigious “Engineer of the Year” award from the Utah Chapter of the American Counsel of Engineering Companies (ACEC), was presented to Lee Cammack, President and CEO of J-U-B ENGINEERS.   Lee received the award at a banquet held November 17.

Lee has a passion for the consulting engineering industry.   He has provided leadership in the consulting community as a principal of J-U-B for 25 years, 9 as President and CEO.   His extensive educational, professional, and civic involvement has made the Utah consulting engineering industry better.

In his 35 plus years as a professional civil engineer and professional land surveyor, Lee has worked with communities, agencies, and districts helping them improve their infrastructure and public facilities. Projects have included water resource   development and delivery systems, wastewater collection and disposal, and transportation.

Prior to joining J-U-B ENGINEERS, Lee worked as the Chief Deputy Surveyor for Utah County and as the City engineer and public works director for Kaysville City.   His experience as a civil servant has significantly enhanced his success as a consulting engineer.

J-U-B Showcases Innovative Technology

The use of GRS-IBS technology for new bridges was demonstrated by J-U-B in a workshop presented in conjunction with LHTAC and FHWA to representatives from ITD, regional Native American Tribes, and a mix of Idaho cities, counties, highway districts, and other consultants. The 300 N over the S-Canal Bridge located north of Jerome is 28 feet wide with a span of 52 feet.

The engineering and construction methods were first discussed in the classroom. After the class, participants visited the bridge construction site to see this new technology and construction methods in practice.

GRS-IBS (Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System) accelerates bridge construction time, reduces cost and less sensitive to weather conditions during construction compared to other bridge types. The design is flexible and easily modified in the field. Additionally, bridge design and construction costs are usually less than conventional bridges.

The S-Canal Bridge substructure and approaches were constructed of reinforced granular soil supporting precast concrete voided slabs with an asphalt wearing surface. Removing the existing bridge to setting the new bridge beams was completed in five weeks. This project site involved no cast-in-place concrete, no concrete formwork, and negligible reinforcement, which was placed in the CMU, blocks as vertical dowels.

J-U-B completed the design and prepared standard example drawings, which are available to local agencies and consultants through LHTAC for use on future GRS-IBS bridges in Idaho.

Beautiful New Business Park – Burley, Idaho

The River Bend Business Park retained J-U-B Engineers to provide the landscape architecture and master planning services for a new business park development which will include a new Hampton Inn.

The high-end landscaping for the Hampton Inn will provide patrons terraced plazas and planters around the indoor pool, and outdoor gathering and lounging areas overlooking the Snake River.

Natural-looking meadows and native plantings will form the basis of the new landscape treatment.   The goal is to increase water conservation and sustainability, while restoring a sense of original beauty characteristic of the Snake River Valley in this regions

J-U-Bs landscape architect team used a 3-D computer model to help the Owners visualize the new building, as well as the landscaping, terraced plazas and a riverside trail. Native and ornamental grasses, low-growing shrubs and trees will give the landscape a natural look.

Construction is projected to begin in March 2017 and completed in 2018.