A J-U-B Employee Perspective

J-U-B would like to thank Austin Meyer of the Transportation Services Group (TSG) in the Salt Lake City office for writing the following unsolicited letter. Austin describes his experience searching for a new company to work for and the effort he put into it, along with the realities he has found at J-U-B. His employment has been a win-win for Austin and J-U-B, and since starting in March 2022, he has excelled in fulfilling J-U-B’s purpose of “helping each other create better communities.”
Thanks, Austin, for your letter!

Prior Work Experience

I recently moved to J-U-B ENGINEERS from a large engineering firm. I had a great experience with that firm over the past 5 years, but the environment was changing, and I wanted to continue to pursue my passion for local transportation projects, so I decided to resign.

Interview Process

During the interview phase, I did my homework to research firms, their projects, and their cultures. I estimate that I spent over 60 hours searching for the employer I felt best internalized my career goals. This included interviews, lunches, phone calls, emails, comparing offers, and consulting with mentors. After 6 invitations for interviews, 5 verbal offers, and 4 written offers, I chose J-U-B! I perceived that J-U-B Engineers has a culture that would allow me to put my family first, advance in my career in ways that interest me, and have assistance from mentors and managers.

Experiencing it in Real Time

I truly respect the leadership within J-U-B, as they have employees’ best interests in mind. I believe statements like this from Mike Arneson from the 2022 First Quarter Transportation Services Group (TSG) Update are rare in our industry, “We are being very selective and very careful in making sure we do not overwhelm our capacity. The market right now can produce more work than we can get done. Thankfully, the culture at J-U-B supports a healthy balance between work and life, and we are watching that balance closely with selective business development.” J-U-B has a culture that honors employees and their time. Leadership is placing employee work-life balance over profitability. I enjoy being able to work 40 hours a week, and my family appreciates it even more.

I believe that J-U-B did not create a strategic plan and stick it in a filing cabinet and forget about it. I believe that the leadership team lives by it and makes decisions by it. I am glad to work for a company that is employee-owned, and that does not answer to a publicly owned board of shareholders who are only looking to increase profit. I am glad that I chose J-U-B ENGINEERS and feel that I have a voice and leadership that hears and supports that voice.

Austin Meyer