American Fork River Bridge | J-U-B Engineers, Inc.

To improve mobility in the growing region of Highland City, the community teamed with UDOT to build an extension of Canal Boulevard, which connects the town of American Fork with Alpine Highway. The planned roadway crosses over the American Fork River, and Geneva Pipe and Precast manufactured a three-sided arch bridge with a 44’ span and 11’ rise. Each reinforced precast concrete segment is 4’ – 11 ½“ in length and weighs over 50,000 pounds. Placed together, the segments are approximately 75’ in total length. A unique design feature of this structure is the form-liner finish on the headwalls and wing walls. Requested as an aesthetic enhancement, the textured facade complements the organic beauty of the river habitat and the distinct character of the surrounding community.

Since river flow would be restricted during construction, project stakeholders sought an expedient solution with minimal environmental impacts. Working closely with the structural designers, we produced a precast structure engineered to meet the specific needs of this project. By using precast, the contractor was able to coordinate the just-in-time delivery of each section to coordinate with the adjacent road construction. Compared to cast-in-place construction, precast minimized the noise and traffic of trucks in this quiet, residential community.

Precisely planned logistics and exceptional communication were critical to ensuring the timeline of this project. Despite challenging curfews for wide loads during transport, we delivered all components to the project site for a timely installation. The structural engineering team at SPECS was impressed with our support from start to finish:

“The production team maintained communication with SPECS to ensure the design and subsequent QA/QC was followed, understood, and verified…J-U-B and Geneva’s teams were on-site on installation day to make sure the right materials were delivered, the markings on the product were clear, and the installation proceeded smoothly. Communication with Ian in logistics was critical and very appreciated.”

-Gina Spears, SPECS Civil Solutions, Inc.