Gateway Mapping’s New GIS Tool Improves Productivity

*GMI Data Collections Specialists have set up a new “maplication” (mapping application) tool to assist engineers and increase productivity during project site visits. The technology, which is loaded on engineers’ phones, is being used throughout J-U-B to collect signs and other points relating to pavement and environmental concerns. Locational points, photos, and feature attributes are recorded with ease. Engineers are able to use the application offline in areas with limited cell/data coverage, then upload it to the network when they return to the office.

Project engineers in J-U-B’s Orem office recently used this “GIS on the Go” tool to identify potential issues and strengthen their understanding of a Utah County project. The application allowed them to see their location on a map, drop a point where they were standing, and attach notes, attributes, and pictures. Back in the office, they were able to analyze their findings quickly and efficiently.

*Gateway Mapping, Inc. a J-U-B Company