J-U-B Appoints Cory Baune, PE as Coeur d’Alene Area Manager

Cory Baune, PE, Area Manager—Coeur d’Alene

J-U-B Engineers has named Cory Baune, P.E. as the next Area Manager of their Coeur d’ Alene office, replacing long-time manager Steve James. Cory has 22 years of experience in the engineering field, 15 of those managing the Lewiston and Moscow offices for J-U-B. A graduate of the University of Idaho, Cory’s technical specialties include water and wastewater conveyance and treatment systems.



Jay Hassell, PE, Assistant Area Manager—Coeur d’Alene

Jay Hassell, P.E., will remain as Assistant Area Manager working with Cory to build the practice in that region. Jay’s specialties are transportation engineering and project management. Also a UI graduate, Jay has been with J-U-B for over 20 years.

“Cory is the complete package. He brings excellent technical and business expertise, client service experience, and is a great leader to the Team. He’ll be able to build on what Steve James did in that region to help propel J-U-B to the next level. As for Jay, he has a unique set of skills that compliment Cory’s perfectly. He’ll continue to be a great asset to staff while taking care of clients and projects. Way to go, Cory and Jay!”  – Tim Haener, President, CEO

Thank You, Steve James, PE

Steve James has been with J-U-B for over 28 years and has managed the Coeur d’ Alene office for nearly 10 years. A UI grad, Steve specializes in wastewater and water treatment planning and design for clients all through north Idaho and eastern Washington. Beyond client service, his contributions include building a very tight Team in the CDA area – covering all of J-U-B’s key disciplines. He has raised the bar in employee engagement in CDA and elsewhere. Steve will continue to work for clients in the area and help build J-U-B’s treatment market in Colorado and Nevada while mentoring staff and leaders through his role on the J-U-B Board of Directors and as Vice President of the firm.

“Steve has done a superb job building our Team in Coeur d’ Alene into a dominant force in the region. He’s done that by cultivating a culture that puts the client first, builds community, and allows each employee to thrive in their careers. He’s a true leader of J-U-B, and we’re thrilled to have him continue to mentor others, take care of key clients, and build the practice in areas of great potential.”  -Tim Haener, President/CEO.