J-U-B Partners on Mixed Use Development Project in Post Falls

Transforming an Old Industrial Site into an Accessible Urban Center

J-U-B is partnering with A&A Development, Wolfe Architecture Group, and the City of Post Falls to redevelop a 50-acre former Lumber Mill into a mixed-use live, work, and play urban development. Located in the heart of Post Falls Idaho, the vibrant redevelopment, called Millworx, will consist of commercial, residential, entertainment, and civic uses. Millworx will have restaurants, shops, office spaces, 650 units of high-end townhomes and apartments, a hotel, plaza, food truck court, and entertainment areas. The estimated buildout value is $200 million.

Blending History with Modernity

Millworx mill

Millworx will be located in an historic lumber town established in the late 1800s, close to City Hall, the Spokane River, the Centennial Trail System, and just off I-90 between Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. A&A has preserved numerous historic lumber mill artifacts and integrated them into the project’s theme, design, branding, and architecture. This preserves the town’s historical heritage while creating a modern and lively space that honors its roots.

J-U-B’s Involvement

J-U-B first helped the city establish a special zone in downtown, called an Urban Renewal District (URD), which uses a funding method called Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to clean up properties, enhance infrastructure, and make it more conducive for new businesses and development, revitalizing the community.

J-U-B was subsequently contracted by A&A Development to help in project-specific urban renewal efforts, master planning, surveys, condominium plats, and site civil services for the townhomes and mixed-use buildings. Upcoming phases will include site civil designs for a 151-unit Hotel/Conference Center, a dog park, a plaza/food truck area, and collector streets to improve transportation and ease traffic. The J-U-B Transportation Service Group (TSG) will play a key role in designing a new roundabout at the heart of Millworx.

Transforming Post Falls

The city has embraced the Millworx project. Post Falls, once viewed as a bedroom community, is now set to offer additional opportunities with Millworx, reducing the need for residents to travel to neighboring cities for work, shopping, dining, and entertainment. A key factor in this success has been the strong partnership between the Developer, J-U-B, the City, and Post Falls Urban Renewal Agency. This collaborative effort, spanning 30 years, has been integral to the project’s success, and the City’s Community Development Director sees it as the perfect capstone to downtown redevelopment.

The project has gained a significant amount of positive widespread media attention by local TV stations, papers, and business journals:

Key Staff Members Include Katie Halland, Ellie Mock, Jason Kirkland, Karen Wilmoth, Jesse Studebaker, Dave Grebe, Geremy Russell, Brian Klatt, Paul Inwards, and Brad Marshall (Project Manager), with special mention to Cole Henderson who led the civil work.


Before picture of the old lumber mill before new construction: empty road and outgrown fields of grass.

Before picture of the old lumber mill before new construction: empty road and outgrown fields of grass.

After Development of Residential Complexes

New construction of residential buildings

After construction: new road with a crosswalk and residential buildings