National Women in Engineering Week | J-U-B Engineers, Inc.

J-U-B Engineers, Inc. is proud that we have so many women engineering professionals. We recently reached out and asked a few to share their experiences that led to their careers in STEM and what advice they would give to young women contemplating joining the discipline. We thank them for always pushing to be their best and helping to inspire a younger generation of future Women Engineers.

What Advice Would you give to a young woman considering engineering as a career?

Do it! It is so much fun and so rewarding to find solutions and help people and communities solve problems. –Caitlin Arnold


You can do whatever you want to do. If engineering makes you feel excited and passionate, then go for it! Let yourself experiment with the different engineering disciplines. Find yourself a coach and a mentor. Explore your interests and passions. There are no limits to achieving your dreams! – Jessie Shocklee


Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to pursue what you want. Speak up and make your voice heard! Women have so much to contribute in the workplace.—Jill Hagen



Engineering is a highly creative and innovative industry and engineers play a significant role in shaping the future and community.  It’s looking at problems and finding solutions and then you get the satisfaction of seeing your dream or idea brought to life.  There are many fields of engineering to spark your curiosity and lots of possibilities for high-paying and rewarding careers that are a perfect fit for women.—Amber Morse

How does J-U-B support you as a female engineer?

J-U-B supports me as an engineer by providing me with new opportunities and challenges so that I can grow in my career. I feel that my opinions are respected and my contributions to projects are valued.
– Sharon Strom


J-U-B has been extremely supportive by providing flexible work schedules to make it possible for me to pursue my career as an engineer while being a new mom.—Katie Reams


By offering me opportunities to lead and by supporting my growth through coaching and mentoring.—Angela Comstock


I am fortunate to work directly with two female engineers, who are not only co-workers, but also mentors, a sometimes rare occurrence in STEM. I am witnessing the female engineer community at J-U-B continuing to grow, providing me with more opportunities to connect with like-minded women on my career path.—Lauren Schmidt


What made you chose engineering as a career?

I wanted a career that would challenge me intellectually on a daily basis, and engineering constantly provides new challenges and new learning opportunities.  I also get to work with a bunch of nerds every day (and I LOVE it).—Kylie Cutler


Engineering allows me to work on fulfilling and meaningful projects that directly contribute to bettering my community.—Riannon Zender



One summer I was an intern helping with surveying—one day when a car slowly approached us, the doors opened and I overheard a mom tell her young children, “See girls you can do anything.” I had inadvertently become the State’s second surveyor that summer and a model to future generations of females.
—Christina Osborn