200 East; Center Street to 300 South
Logan City - Utah

The 200 East Roadway in Logan, Utah is a designated major north/south roadway through Logan. The road had a break in flow from Center Street to 100 South where the road didn’t go through. The roadway between 200 South and 300 South was not sufficiently wide enough to accommodate the anticipated traffic flow. In an effort to remedy some traffic congestion in the city, the City of Logan planners decided to open up that corridor and widen the street. J-U-B was selected to work on public involvement, preliminary design and construction bid process, construction observation, and project management.

This project included retaining walls and bridge structures in an urban environment. One of the challenges of this project was minimizing impact to Merlin Olsen Central Park and Pioneer Parkway, two parks on each side of the road. This was accomplished by use of retaining walls, installing a bridge over a pedestrian path and canal, and by developing an aesthetic design for landscaping and retaining walls to help the roadway blend into existing environment.