I-84, Kings Corner Overpass

J-U-B and subsidiary company, The Langdon Group, developed a public involvement plan that met all the requirements of the NEPA process combined with context-sensitive solutions. Next, J-U-B provided a forum for the City, COMPASS (local MPO), Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to negotiate federal funding for the project. Through J-U-B’s intimate knowledge of funding sources and excellent relationship with ITD, we helped to make this project the second highest priority of projects in the Treasure Valley, as well as being included on the State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP). However, the City did not want to wait for typical federal funding, so J-U-B met with Congressman Mike Crapo at the project site and obtained his backing to seek federal priority project funding.

Unfortunately, Congress had not yet passed the new Highway Bill, so once again the City found itself looking for alternative funding. Through J-U-B’s success in involving the public, following the NEPA process and continuous communication, the voters passed a bond election with a great majority to construct this project. Further, an agreement was obtained with the Union Pacific Railroad to provide $500,000 towards the construction cost.

The design of two multi-span steel structures was brought from concept stage to 90% design completion in just three months! With main spans of 185 and 255 feet and minimized structure depths to reduce vertical curvature of the road, this design best met everyone’s needs. Construction began in June 2005. Along with the public involvement and design work, J-U-B also provided construction project management inspection and materials testing oversight.