J-U-B Wins $15M Grant for Mt. Pleasant City
Mt. Pleasant, UT

J-U-B Wins $15M Grant for Mt. Pleasant City’s Flood Protection, Agriculture & Secondary Water Project

J-U-B worked closely with Mt. Pleasant City to write a grant application that requested over $15M in funds from NRCS’ Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations Program to provide much-needed flood protection for the Mt. Pleasant community. J-U-B assisted Mt. Pleasant in opening the doors to co-sponsors and partners who were willing to work collaboratively with them (the sponsor) to discuss project alternatives, leverage funds, and maximize project benefits.

The project was funded in 2018 and will rehabilitate Mt. Pleasant’s Upper Dam, enlarge the northern embankment, build a new 20-acre-foot reservoir, and expand the existing surge pond to 14 acre-feet. The highlight of this project is the reconstruction of the city’s single secondary (non-potable) water system into two distinct delivery systems that will separate agricultural (irrigation) water use from residential secondary water use.

With the completion of this project, Mt. Pleasant City residents, homes, properties, infrastructure, and power plant will be protected from floods; and conflicts between agricultural water users and residential water users alleviated.