Structural Engineering
Millville City Tank
Milliville City, UT

J-U-B Engineers, Inc. worked closely with Millville City to define the needs, impacts, options, and potential locations for a new water storage tank to serve the upper end of their community.  Working as a partner with the City, J-U-B designed a new water storage tank, booster station, transmission line, and distribution line improvements to augment and create an upper pressure zone for the community.  Existing pressure zones, and portions of the distribution system were also reconfigured to better serve the needs of the residents.  Additionally, the location of the new tank was critical due to concerns with a fault line and debris flow path in the area.  To assist in financing the project, J-U-B worked with state agencies to provide funding for the project that would not create a burden on the residents of Millville.  After receiving funding, detailed design of the distribution system improvements, booster station, and water storage tank along with contractor procurement was completed.  J-U-B performed construction observation to ensure project compliance with the construction documents.