GIS Mapping and Asset Management
Payette Lake Recreational Water and Sewer District
McCall, ID

Payette Lakes Recreational Water and Sewer District in McCall, ID wanted to convert their current paper and CAD maps into a map-based asset management system.

The Issues.  The District was concerned with the inconsistency and disorganization of their record drawings. They had several different sources which made visualizing the entire system difficult. They also kept track of maintenance activities on hand-written notes. Efficiently preserving and retrieving information on record drawings was the primary concern.

Addressing The Concerns.  We met with the District to listen to their issues and concerns. We discussed possible solutions to consolidating their record drawings into a standard format. We paid special attention to preserving all of their historical paper records and information so that valuable information about their sewer assets would not be lost. Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) experts (Gateway Mapping) was able to combine sewer information found in paper and digital record drawings, and survey data. We developed a digital framework of a map-based asset management system containing all of the District’s sewer collection facilities. This new system also became the interface for recording historic and future collection system maintenance activities.

The Results.  The District now has all of the maintenance records and an interactive map of their entire sewer system that can be easily and quickly accessed and analyzed. The District went from keeping most of this information in separate files and working mostly from paper records to a fully implemented, easy to operate, Geographic Information System (GIS).

 Two primary benefits.

  1. The District now has a solution to standardize and preserve historical records about their sewer system—from a variety of paper sources to one stream-lined solution.
  2. The new system now provides the District with a simple solution for entering, retrieving, and monitoring maintenance activities.

Unique and Memorable.  This new system has had a meaningful impact on the day-to-day activities of the District Staff. The principles of GIS have helped the District become more organized, proactive, and better prepared to serve a diverse population of visitors and citizens in the area.